100 for $100

Together we can keep the [good] going…

If you’ve been impacted by the Uncommon [community] we invite you to become one of the 100 people committing to give $100 a month. This will help sustain the work of Uncommon [good] as we move towards our vision of finding a permanent [space].


Click “JOIN THE 100” to fill out our giving form. Be sure to check “Set Up Automated Giving”

Why Give to Uncommon [good]?

We live in an increasingly post-christian society. Studies show that 70% of people report that they would not want to attend a church – even if they were invited by a friend. Uncommon [good] decided it was time to ask the question – is the Church married to the mission or the model? To put it another way – should the Church find ways to help ALL people hear the Truth about a God who loves them, or are we committed to doing church the way it’s always been done?

This Uncommon [journey] has been a commitment to connect with the 70%. We have laid down traditional methods and decided instead to focus on creating environments where all people can find belonging and experience the love of the God who created them [regardless of where they are in their spiritual journey].  Sometimes this looks like parties; sometimes it’s intentional conversations about faith at a winery; sometimes it’s just getting around a table with people for agenda-less community. Whatever the form, the vision has remained the same… create [spaces] where people realize their need for connection with God and one another in community.



The Need

As we step into the next phase of this adventure, we want to be fully equipped to do even more goodness! Here’s some nice round numbers to give you an idea of what it takes to keep the [good] going:


Covers the amazing monthly events that have been creating community all over North County.  That’s venue costs, food, fun for the kids, etc…


Covers the all the stuff that help us make the magic happen – in other words: the operation expenses (organizational tools, advertising, salaries, insurance, software, financial services etc.)

For nearly two years, we have had some generous givers keeping us going. If you’re one of them, THANK YOU! This new $10,000 a month we hope to raise will ensure we fully cover the costs of the events and help close the current gap on our operation costs.


Future Goals

We have big dreams for 2019-20 but we can’t get there without you. Here’s just a few things you could help create by being one of the 100:


We have been making strategic connections with local service organizations that are excited for the Uncommon [good] community to partner with them. These funds would allow Uncommon [good] to come alongside local families in need.


We’d love to be able to put more resources towards growing the team. Our three founders have been running the whole show while wearing many different hats. Our fourth team member, Pam, is currently working for free! With these funds we plan to officially bring Pam on board as well as add a Business/Finance team member.

Join The 100

We believe the success of Uncommon [good] lies with people investing in the vision so that we can help people find belonging and community.

Will you consider being one of the 100 to make that happen?


Can’t Do $100?

We know for some, $100 a month might be hard. We get it! If you can’t do that but still would like to give, please consider being one of our 50 for $50, or 25 for $25. Or whatever you can do! Every little bit helps 🙂