A Broken Christmas 💔🎄

– Dawn Neldon


They hid from the Lord God among the trees.
Then the Lord God called to them, “Where are you?”
Genesis 3:8-9

Let’s start in the brokenness. Let’s start with the lies, the damaged relationships, the things that happened that couldn’t be undone. The words that were said that couldn’t be unspoken. Even then God came looking. See – Christmas does not start with the pretty, clean birth of a perfect baby with shepherds and cows smiling down (there are so many things wrong with that picture.)

No, Christmas starts in the Garden. Christmas starts with Adam and Eve. Christmas starts when we first believed the lie that God does not, could not love us in all our unloveliness. Christmas starts with brokenness. And I’m so glad.

Because we could be tempted to think that Christmas, in all of it’s sparkle is really for the bright and shiny ones and the have-it-all-together ones. BUT – when we trace the manger back to the brokenness we see the story for what it truly is: this amazing, unbelievable picture of a God who keeps coming for us – the messy and can’t-get-it-together ones.

Christmas started when God went looking for Adam and Eve as they hid among the trees. Christmas started when God called out to His children who had made a terrible mistake and believed a horrible lie. This is the story of Christmas:

“God went looking for Adam and Eve and He didn’t stop until he found them. God’s love never, ever, ever stops looking for you. Even when you do something wrong, even when you are far away from Him, God whispers, ‘My love is always, always coming for you.’”  – Ann Voskamp

You Are Loved
You Are Valued
You Belong

Merry Christmas!

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  1. There you are , I recognized the name. Ann Voskamp. I stated reading a book by you, one thousand gifts. Just went to my closet there it was. I’d forgotten, thank you for the reminder. Merry Christmas to you and yours. I love the way you write. It reaches down deep inside a part of me that’s been asleep far to long. Thank you.

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