After Easter

Are you recovered from the Easter/Spring Break coma? Have your kids come down from the sugar high? How many plastic eggs did you throw away? Don’t tell our kids, but Jen and I miiiiiight have eaten a bunch of their candy. Ya know… cause we want them to say healthy… 😉

Seriously though, we love Easter. 
Not just in the Vermillion house, but also on the Uncommon [team]. Easter represents the moment when History changed. What seemed like an end, was only a beginning. Jesus’ followers thought it was all over. Then He came back! And because of that miracle, Easter is the single most significant event in all of History. It was the clearest expression of the work that God has always been up to: bringing life out of what was thought to be dead. A beginning out of what seemed like a pretty clear end. But it’s what happened after Easter that makes it truly great. That’s when the movement started. That’s when Jesus’ followers went about the work of sharing the Good News of a God who loves people. The work of building a community that was a taste of the Kingdom of God. A hope of experiencing life to the full in THIS life andthe next… So yeah… we love Easter.

And our love for it was solidified all the more after our Easter event. If you came, thank you! If you didn’t, that’s okay! Because we plan to have a lot more events like that in the future. Like Jesus’ early followers, we are energized and excited to keep going! Because after a year and a half of creating community, the thing that has never gotten old is hearing people say things like:

“We brought friends who don’t really connect with ‘church’ and they said they would definitely be a part of this.”


“I’ve never been big on the religious holidays. But now Easter is my favorite holiday because of what you talked about… Life coming from death… beauty coming from brokenness… beginnings from endings.” 

That’s the [good] we are going for! 
People finding new perspectives and a place to belong in the Uncommon [community]. It’s so exciting that we (and that includes YOU) get to be a part of bringing people the Good News of a God who loves them and designed them for community. People who may have otherwise had no experience with faith. People who may have thought that the Church had nothing to offer them. We want to keep THAT [good] going…

That’s why we are starting something exciting in May. It’s called… 

100 FOR 100

This campaign is all about keeping the [good] going. We are hoping to get 100 people to give $100 a month to help make the work of Uncommon [good] sustainable for the future.

As we mentioned above, events like Uncommon [Easter] have provided a place for people who would never set foot in a church to hear the good news of a God who loves them. We’re able to do this because everything we do is intentionally open, inviting, and meets people in real life… At wineries, restaurants, parks, and even homes… providing, fun, party, life, belonging, and real conversations about faith.

We try to make these gatherings free, or as cheap as possible for those who attend. And meeting in these public spaces – doing what we’re doing – is only possible because of the generosity of the people who make up this Uncommon [community]. Maybe you’re already one of the amazing people giving to the [goodness]. If so, THANK YOU. 

If not, and you have found yourself blessed in any way by Uncommon [good], we want to invite you to join 100 for $100. So, if anything we said above sparked you and you’d like to know more, please click the button below to learn more and become one of the 100.



Returns to Espinosa!

Sunday, May 19th, 6:30PM, $25

We are. SO. EXCITED. To return to Espinosa Winery for conversations about faith, life, and being human… while drinking amazing wine. Now that the outdoor life of San Diego seems to be returning, it seems like the perfect time to revisit our friends who have become family. There will be wine. There will be words. $25 gets you said wine and even some delish charcuterie.





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