An Unlikely Easter + DIY Easter Ideas

it can be the most meaningful one ever.

(and in your most comfy clothes)

Get ready for “The Great Digital Easter” – every church around the world is vying for your screen time this coming Sunday… and they’re already anticipating the bragging rights of BIG streaming numbers into their hour of quarantine. It’s going to be amazing, and the services will be good…

But there’s so much more than “the big show”.

The meaning of Easter is about being surprised by LIFE in the midst of grief and fear – and it could not be more applicable than in our current days.

It would be easy to just shift “the big Easter show” into your living room with surround-sound and call it DONE, but we’re hoping for more… We want to help you make this Easter more meaningful, more intimate, and more than just more screen time. : ) That’s a lot of mores…

PLUS, we want to save you from having to repeatedly ask your kids to BE QUIET AND SIT STILL while you’re TRYING to hear the JOY OF EASTER : )

So… Check out this video from Ryan and then keep reading for some [good] DIY Easter ideas…

We hope that video gets you excited to create your own memorable Easter experience this year.

And now…

Ideas from our community to you…

Yes, the stores are out of eggs, the Bunny is quarantined, and we’re all practicing social distancing (sadly, even from loved ones) this Easter… But that doesn’t mean we can’t make the most of it!

So without further ado, here’s some inspiration we’ve gathered from our Uncommon [community]. Let’s start with reading the story…

First off – the real story of Jesus, his life, his people, his death, and his resurrection (what we celebrate at Easter) are found in the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John). Perhaps when you wake up this Sunday, take a little quiet time to read the real story on your own, and then later to your family or whomever else you have the joy of lock-down with! 

Beginning with the Bible this way will start your day with just you and God – whether you believe it all or not. And once you’ve got the real story (even if you don’t watch a service) this reading of the ancient account of Jesus raising from the dead will start your Easter off right from the source!

These eye-witness accounts are short too… even if you just read one with the kids, ask them what they heard, and then everything becomes eggs and candy… it’s a win. It’s only minutes of focus – totally doable for the littles (and the adults with short attention spans too : ).

Read Matthew chapter 28:  Jesus has been in the tomb for three days, and this chapter picks up on resurrection morning (Easter). Mary thought she’d find Jesus’ tomb closed and full… that’s not what she got. The parallel accounts are found in Mark 16, Luke 24, and John 20.

It doesn’t take much time to to read each of these, and here’s a good practice – Ask God to show you new things and new life even as you read a story that may be very familiar to you. God can even surprise you with new life in words that have become lifeless. 

— — — — — — — 
Further thoughts to think on Easter…

Why is this resurrection moment so important?
Paul (a follower of Jesus) says it here in a letter called 1 Corinthians: 

“Now, let me say something profound yet troubling for many… If there’s no resurrection, there’s no living Christ. And face it—if there’s no resurrection for Christ, everything we’ve told you is smoke and mirrors, and everything you’ve staked your life on is smoke and mirrors. Not only that, but we would be guilty of telling a string of barefaced lies about God, all these affidavits we passed on to you verifying that God raised up Christ—sheer fabrications, if there’s no resurrection.”

“If corpses can’t be raised, then Christ wasn’t, because he was indeed dead. And if Christ weren’t raised, then all we’re doing is wandering about in the dark, as lost as ever…  If all we get out of Christ is a little inspiration for a few short years, we’re a pretty sorry lot. But the truth is that Christ has been raised up.”
– 1 Corinthians 15:12-20 MSG

Whew… yeah, the resurrection is a pillar of the faith… but what if…
What if I’m not so sure about all of this?It’s ok my friend. Even Jesus’ closest followers wrestled with faith and doubt and trust even when they spent time with him AFTER the resurrection (Matthew 28:17)! Perhaps the best prayer for all of us is one passionately proclaimed to Jesus from a man in Mark chapter 9: “I believe; help my unbelief!”  What an authentic prayer – God will answer this prayer for you and your family… He is near to this morning wherever you are in your faith! Jesus gave his life and conquered death for all the world (that pretty much includes all of us). ❤️

Now, if you’d like another fun way to share the story, check out this sweet little video we found that’s made by kids with accents… which of course makes it way better… 😉

Next up…

Themes & Activities

Having awesome conversations and activities this Easter is something you are FULLY equipped to do with your family & friends… Making it meaningful can be as easy as just talking about some key themes and doing a fun activity…

In Isaiah 43:19, God is talking to the prophet, Isaiah about all the ways He makes things new and says,

“Behold, I am doing a new thing;
    now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?
I will make a way in the wilderness
    and rivers in the desert.”

This theme shows up over and over in the scriptures to remind us that God is in the business of taking the old and making it new! In fact, it’s why Jesus came. To do away with the old ways of religion that said some were “in” a some were “out”. And to extend the invitation of new life to EVERYONE. 

 Jesus said, “Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.”
Matthew 11:28-30


See if you can make something new that you’ve never made before using things you have around the house.

  • Make a new a craft or art project
  • Make a new food dish
  • Paint/fix something that needs repair 
  • Build something new out of old stuff

Another recurring theme in scripture is light in the darkness.
In fact, Jesus has some words about that for us…

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden… let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”
– Matthew 5:14-16


Sunrise @ Home
If you’re up for an early morning, try having your own Sunrise Service at home. Get up when it is still dark and watch the sunrise. It will be a beautiful moment regardless, but if you want to, read John 1:1-5.

Flashlight Lessons
Grab some flashlights and go to a dark spot in your house (bathroom, closet, garage). Turn on one flashlight and explain that darkness can only exist in the absence of light. Have everyone turn on their lights and share that as long as we let our lights shine, the darkness can’t exist. Ask everyone how they might be able to shine their light in what seems like a pretty dark time.

Light a Tree of Hope
Another fun idea is to light up a tree – a hope tree – that your neighbors can see as a sign of light & hope for Easter.

Like we mentioned before, Easter is about being surprised by LIFE in the midst of grief, fear, and death. It’s one of the amazing ways God works in the world. We see this concept in nature all the time. Plants are a great example… A seed can remain a hunk of dormant plant-stuff for years. But given the right conditions, a seed can give rise to new life!


Plant a Seed
If you’re able, plant some seeds and talk about how life will grow out of what seems like a lifeless seed. IF the plant grows over the next few weeks/months it will be a great lasting reminder of the memories you made during your quarantine Easter!

Watch This Cool Video
There is a plant that grows in the Sahara called the Resurrection Plant (aka Jerusalem Rose). Most of the time, it looks like a dead tumbleweed blowing in the wind. But when it finds water, something amazing happens. Watch the video and talk about life coming from death.

Ask: What Will You Do?
Right now, we are in a season waiting in our home shelter… Kinda like how Jesus was “waiting” in the tomb. Ask your fam what they plan to do when we are all able to come out of this time of waiting? What would you have done if you were Jesus? What do you think Jesus wanted to do?

The fun doesn’t stop, here’s some more ideas to to help bring joy to your Easter…

Drive-by Easter
Do you know someone who could use some extra Easter joy? Go drop eggs and/or baskets at their house. Be sure to follow all the proper social distancing and sanitation guidelines.

Zoom Games
Missing the ones you love? Hop on whatever video call app you use and play some games. Our favorite has been a Zoom Scavenger Hunt where the host calls out an item to go find in the house and the first to come back with it is the winner. We’ve also heard the Price is Right, Family Feud, and Name that Emoji are fun too!

Fun Easter Games
We downloaded some fun Easter specific games that we’d love to share so you can play them with your family. One is a set of challenges like Egg toss, etc. And the other is a game of Easter Charades where you have to act out what’s on the slide. Both are fun and hilarious!

Click the button below to open up a google drive folder with all the resources you’ll need to play the games… 


That’s all folks!
We would LOVE if you sent us pics or vids of you doing these ideas 🙂 You can tag us on social media @uncommongoodsd or email them to

You are loved
You are valued
You belong

The Uncommon [team]

Love is Everywhere 💕

So, I (Cody) seem to have a thing for hearts. I know that’s not the manliest icon out there, but I love the symbolism of it. It’s part of why we chose the heart as our logo. In addition to designing our heart, I also seem to find hearts in random places. At which point, I take a picture like the one above. That one was on a red-zone curb at my apartment complex. As I thought about this recurring theme of hearts in my life, I realized that it could serve as a great reminder for all of us; If you keep your eyes open, you’ll see that…

Love is everywhere. 

You see we, the uncommon [people], hold love up as a value. Which on the surface is an obvious choice for a Jesus community. But let’s unpack it a little more… Our three values are Love, Faith, and Community. All three of them are ingrained in who we are. But love… love truly is at the heart of the other two. Pun shamelessly intended. 😉 

Let’s start with Faith. We have faith in a God who loves us more than we can ever even imagine. And we want to invite people into that. We share our faith, and hold faith for others because we want everyone to experience the [good] love of a [good] God.

Community. Real community is rooted in love. When someone is loved they belong. And we believe everyone should belong in a community that loves them. That is why we are so stoked to keep setting tables of belonging, love, joy, faith, fun, and community in 2020.

Love. The uncommonly [good] message we bring to the world is one of love. A great love that welcomes all to the table. A love that truly knows us. One that sees the all cracks and blemishes and keeps right on loving. Love that offers life to the full here and now. A love that we can see in sunsets, nature, the face of the grocery store clerk, and even parking lot curbs… His love is showing itself to us all the time. And if we pay attention, we’ll see see it everywhere. 




Sacred vs Secular

– Dawn Neldon and Cody Vermillion

If you’ve been following on this Uncommon journey for any amount of time you know that we are in the business of reframing and reclaiming truths about life, faith, and being human. Because we are certain that there are things that we, as a culture, have believed and are believing that need to be tweaked (and some that just plain need to be thrown out).

This month we want to tackle the false dichotomy that exists in our culture between the sacred and the secular. See, we tend to give in to the belief that there are places, spaces, times, things, and people that fall into the category of “sacred.” Those might be things like church and….church…and church music….and things and people that operate in church. And in general all things church.

But the problem with this belief is that we neatly package God into the box of religious activity that happens in churches and remove Him (in our minds) from all sorts of places where God is fully present. Because God is in churches AND in businesses, doctors offices and grocery stores. He is in worship music and pop radio. He is in missionary work and the 9-5 workplace.

God is over all and through all and in all. He created everything and holds it together. Granted, we as humans have a tendency to inject our own brokenness into the good He has created. But if you really pay attention, you can find God in the ordinary things of life. From the birds chirping before your alarm, to the cup of coffee that gets your day started, to the face of the barista who made it.

Church isn’t the only place to find God. In fact, you are made in the image of God. So He is with you always. You don’t have to be at church, you don’t have to be a pastor, or missionary, or Sunday school volunteer to experience something sacred. Those things are all great! But you can live in to the sacred calling God has given you in your every day experiences.

This weekend, try looking for the ways in which God is present in the every day things of life. And on Monday, as you head to work – or as you get the kids ready for whatever you’re doing to stay sane while they’re not in school – try to find the sacred moments. The times when God shows up in the ordinary.

Then join us on July 7th to talk more about it…






When Bad Things Happen

One thing has been on my mind for the past few weeks – what do we do with faith when bad things happen?

I mean rewind it all back! Rewind back to before the diagnosis came in, before the relationship fell apart, before the company went under, before the tragedy struck – what did your faith (by the way both belief and unbelief in a higher power are forms of faith) have to say about tragedy?

In our normal, smooth-ish sailing, mostly-unruffled life – many of us don’t consider our faith too deeply. We believe platitudes like “everything happens for a reason” or  “God has a plan” or “God doesn’t give you more than you can bear,” without thinking about what those phrases actually mean in the face of real tragedy. 

But once the boat (and your life) has been rocked a bit, suddenly the platitudes don’t hold up.

We start wondering:  
How can God be good if terrible things happen?
How can God have a plan that allows for such tragedy? 
If there is such a God, why would I want to be a part of his plan or be in relationship with Him? 
If there is no God, why is hope possible in the face of hopelessness?

All of these are excellent questions. Questions that we shouldn’t be afraid of. Questions that we shouldn’t push away. Because if we don’t have a faith that makes sense in tragedy… we probably don’t have much of a faith to speak of. 

That’s why this Sunday, at Wine and Words we are going to dive head first into these hard questions. Nothing is off the table. Let’s lean in together and wrestle with this question:

“What do we do with faith when bad things happen?”


Sunday, May 19th, 6:30 PM, Espinosa Vineyards, $25

We are. SO. EXCITED. for this Wine & Words! Not only do we have Pastor Jared Herd from The Church at Rancho Bernardo joining us… but we’ll also return to our friends at Espinosa Vineyards!

Have you ever wondered where God is during the hard times of life? How do we navigate that? Pastor Jared and the Uncommon [team] will lead a conversation around this very topic.

There will be wine. There will be words. $25 gets you said wine and even some delish charcuterie.

So call up the baby sitter and get ready for another great conversation about faith, life, and being human… while drinking amazing wine. [responsibly, of course!]

RSVP to Wine and Words

100 for 100 – PROGRESS!

100 for 100 is moving along nicely! Since we launched last week, we have already had 13 monthly gifts of $100 committed to Uncommon [good]. That’s pretty awesome!

We’re so excited!!

This campaign is all about keeping the [good] going. We are hoping to get 100 people to give $100 a month to help make the work of Uncommon [good] sustainable for the future.

If you are one of the amazing people giving to the [goodness]…


If not, and you have found yourself blessed in any way by Uncommon [good], we want to invite you to join 100 for $100. If you’d like to know more, please click the button below and join the 100.

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100 for 100 will help us invite people into conversations where we reclaim truths about faith, life, and being human.

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After Easter

Are you recovered from the Easter/Spring Break coma? Have your kids come down from the sugar high? How many plastic eggs did you throw away? Don’t tell our kids, but Jen and I miiiiiight have eaten a bunch of their candy. Ya know… cause we want them to say healthy… 😉

Seriously though, we love Easter. 
Not just in the Vermillion house, but also on the Uncommon [team]. Easter represents the moment when History changed. What seemed like an end, was only a beginning. Jesus’ followers thought it was all over. Then He came back! And because of that miracle, Easter is the single most significant event in all of History. It was the clearest expression of the work that God has always been up to: bringing life out of what was thought to be dead. A beginning out of what seemed like a pretty clear end. But it’s what happened after Easter that makes it truly great. That’s when the movement started. That’s when Jesus’ followers went about the work of sharing the Good News of a God who loves people. The work of building a community that was a taste of the Kingdom of God. A hope of experiencing life to the full in THIS life andthe next… So yeah… we love Easter.

And our love for it was solidified all the more after our Easter event. If you came, thank you! If you didn’t, that’s okay! Because we plan to have a lot more events like that in the future. Like Jesus’ early followers, we are energized and excited to keep going! Because after a year and a half of creating community, the thing that has never gotten old is hearing people say things like:

“We brought friends who don’t really connect with ‘church’ and they said they would definitely be a part of this.”


“I’ve never been big on the religious holidays. But now Easter is my favorite holiday because of what you talked about… Life coming from death… beauty coming from brokenness… beginnings from endings.” 

That’s the [good] we are going for! 
People finding new perspectives and a place to belong in the Uncommon [community]. It’s so exciting that we (and that includes YOU) get to be a part of bringing people the Good News of a God who loves them and designed them for community. People who may have otherwise had no experience with faith. People who may have thought that the Church had nothing to offer them. We want to keep THAT [good] going…

That’s why we are starting something exciting in May. It’s called… 

100 FOR 100

This campaign is all about keeping the [good] going. We are hoping to get 100 people to give $100 a month to help make the work of Uncommon [good] sustainable for the future.

As we mentioned above, events like Uncommon [Easter] have provided a place for people who would never set foot in a church to hear the good news of a God who loves them. We’re able to do this because everything we do is intentionally open, inviting, and meets people in real life… At wineries, restaurants, parks, and even homes… providing, fun, party, life, belonging, and real conversations about faith.

We try to make these gatherings free, or as cheap as possible for those who attend. And meeting in these public spaces – doing what we’re doing – is only possible because of the generosity of the people who make up this Uncommon [community]. Maybe you’re already one of the amazing people giving to the [goodness]. If so, THANK YOU. 

If not, and you have found yourself blessed in any way by Uncommon [good], we want to invite you to join 100 for $100. So, if anything we said above sparked you and you’d like to know more, please click the button below to learn more and become one of the 100.



Returns to Espinosa!

Sunday, May 19th, 6:30PM, $25

We are. SO. EXCITED. To return to Espinosa Winery for conversations about faith, life, and being human… while drinking amazing wine. Now that the outdoor life of San Diego seems to be returning, it seems like the perfect time to revisit our friends who have become family. There will be wine. There will be words. $25 gets you said wine and even some delish charcuterie.





We Just Got [inspired]! 🙌

Our team just got back from the Catalyst West conference on Friday and we left super inspired to charge on with the [goodness] we are all creating. If you don’t know, Catalyst is a conference for leaders who love the local church. They have great speakers, activities, music, and resources for people who are serving in leadership (paid or volunteer). In the past it has inspired us to move towards what we would eventually do with Uncommon [good]. This year was a huge affirmation of our vision to create community for people in a unique way.

On top of that, we loved the theme for this year: Fully Alive. Drawing from the words of Jesus who said He came so that we may “have life and have it to the full,” Catalyst took this theme to a really cool place. Many of the speakers talked about self-care and mental/emotional health. The importance of which is huge if you ever hope to lead others well. And we all lead someone at some point, right? Even if it’s just ourselves. So we want to share with you some of the most impactful nuggets from the conference. Read each of these through the lens of leading and caring for yourself or others…

“People who lack self knowledge react to life rather than respond to it.”
– Ian Morgan Cron

“We become better leaders by becoming better human beings.”
– Miles Adcox

“If you want to experience a better life with Jesus you must adopt the lifestyle of Jesus.”
– John Mark Comer

“You’ve got to lose what you know about yourself in the past to figure out what God knows in the future.”
– Sarah Jakes Roberts

“We find God’s will for our lives in our limitations”
– Pete Scazerro

“When you spend your day looking at others, you lose your purpose”
– Jamie Ivey

“There is a gap between the promise God has given you and the process it’s going to take to get there. You have to go through the process to make it to the promise”
– Bianca Olthoff

“God chose you for where you are. Serve where you are!”
– Jamie Ivey

“We are kept from our goals, not by obstacles, but by a clearer path to lesser goals.”
– Ben Hardy

In regards to that process of living into what God made you to do: 

“The more it takes out of you, the more it will make out of you”
– Bianca Olthoff

“The best thing you bring to leadership is your own transforming self”
– Ruth Haley Barton

We hope all of that was encouraging to you. It sure was for us! Now, keep going to see what you’re invited to next…

Uncommon Party at Chicken Charlie’s

Tuesday, April 9th, 5PM, Chicken Charlie’s in Rancho Bernardo

We love creating community for the sake of community. We call it the Sacrament of Party. This time, we’re taking over Chicken Charlie’s and we’d love to see you there.

RSVP to Party

For more info, contact us at

Save the Dates

Uncommon [easter]
Saturday, April 20th

We are having a Pre-Easter shindig for the whole family.
Stay tuned for more info!

Seal’s Faith and Family Night
Saturday, April 27th, 7PM
We’re joining up with the Seal’s Faith and Family Night for fun, community, and life. Your $20 ticket gets you fun and games on the Seal’s turf, pre-game pizza party, a message about faith from two of the players, and of course the game. Click the link below, scroll down the Seal’s page, and select “Uncommon Good” to get your tickets.

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For more info on upcoming events check out




The Christmas 🎄 Slow Down 🐌

‘Twas the week before Christmas
And all through our heads
Were shopping lists and to do’s
All bringing much dread

Did I get mom that kerchief?
Did I order dad’s cap?
How about Cindy Lou’s doll?
Oh, God, I need a nap!

So much to do
It’s all such a clatter
I wish I could get back
To the heart of the matter

Cause in a season that’s all
About joy, peace, and hope
Why am I feeling so
Stressed, tired, and broke?

– Cody Vermillion

You guys! Christmas is on Tuesday!

If you’re like me, you’ve tried your darnedest to get everything done before… well… now. But there’s so much to do! So many events, family parties, and church services, etc. that you have to plan for. Even if you get shopping done early, the week before Christmas can still be a beast! 

That’s why we want to offer you a gift. Or rather, point you to the gift Jesus offered his disciples in John 14: 27…

“I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.”

The Christ of Christmas became the Christ who offered his disciples peace of mind and heart. And he offers us that same gift. Peace that allows us to just slow down. Take a breath. And just. be. 

So let’s give ourselves a reprieve from the hustle and bustle. Call it a “Christmas Slow Down”. How? Well… find time in the next few days (every day if you can) to stop and just be. Even if it’s just for 20 or 30 minutes. Don’t do anything that needs to be done. Just be in the moment. Cause here’s the secret… It’s okay if you don’t get everything done. It’s okay if you don’t meet every expectation. Accept the free gift of peace of mind and heart.

And at the same time, give the people you love the gift of your presence. Cause I guarantee the people in your life want the gift of you more than they want a gift from you. And you aren’t you when you’re stressed, tired, and running from one thing to the next trying to meet some unrealistic cultural expectation to “do all the things”. 

So maybe this means you mute the notifications and turn off the screens. You might stay home, or maybe go to your favorite place to find rest. Get yourself a warm cup of something and take in the guilt-free joy of slowing down. Or heck, just take a nap. Whatever you need to do to… just don’t let the craziness of the season rob you of the peace it’s meant to bring.

Now, maybe you’re good to go… maybe you’ve already figured this out and have managed to create a stress-free Holiday season for yourself… Awesome! Think of someone in your life who needs to hear these words. Maybe a spouse who you can lift the burden from. Or a friend who is clearly on the verge of a Christmas breakdown. Send this along. Then, go help them slow down. Take them out to coffee. Offer to run some of their errands. Or take some of their to do’s off their plate while they just take a break.

We’re all in this together. Merry Christmas, y’all!


A Broken Christmas 💔🎄

– Dawn Neldon


They hid from the Lord God among the trees.
Then the Lord God called to them, “Where are you?”
Genesis 3:8-9

Let’s start in the brokenness. Let’s start with the lies, the damaged relationships, the things that happened that couldn’t be undone. The words that were said that couldn’t be unspoken. Even then God came looking. See – Christmas does not start with the pretty, clean birth of a perfect baby with shepherds and cows smiling down (there are so many things wrong with that picture.)

No, Christmas starts in the Garden. Christmas starts with Adam and Eve. Christmas starts when we first believed the lie that God does not, could not love us in all our unloveliness. Christmas starts with brokenness. And I’m so glad.

Because we could be tempted to think that Christmas, in all of it’s sparkle is really for the bright and shiny ones and the have-it-all-together ones. BUT – when we trace the manger back to the brokenness we see the story for what it truly is: this amazing, unbelievable picture of a God who keeps coming for us – the messy and can’t-get-it-together ones.

Christmas started when God went looking for Adam and Eve as they hid among the trees. Christmas started when God called out to His children who had made a terrible mistake and believed a horrible lie. This is the story of Christmas:

“God went looking for Adam and Eve and He didn’t stop until he found them. God’s love never, ever, ever stops looking for you. Even when you do something wrong, even when you are far away from Him, God whispers, ‘My love is always, always coming for you.’”  – Ann Voskamp

You Are Loved
You Are Valued
You Belong

Merry Christmas!

🦃 Thanksgiving Already? 😮


This year flew by so fast! How?!

November signals the one year birthday of Uncommon [good]! We teased our one year mark a couple of months ago… But now it’s official…


A year of beginnings and learning.

A year of community and party.

A year of stories and freedom.

A year of people engaging faith in new and different ways.

One year ago we cast the vision to bridge the gap between church and culture. We had great ideas about how we were going to do that and we were anxious to start the journey. And now, our Uncommon [community] has a whole year of experience adventuring towards the vision God is calling us to!

This year has felt like a flower blooming. Or a picture coming into focus… slowly revealing the beauty that God knew existed all along. And it’s not over – the journey is still unfolding. But every good journey requires a pit-stop or two where you pause and admire how far you’ve come. Our team has done that in the video at the end of this email. And we will continue to reflect and share stories in the coming weeks…

But for now, here’s what we know: this journey has truly only just begun. The adventure of figuring out how to reclaim truths about life, faith and being humanis just getting started. And all of this – ALL OF THIS – has only been possible because of you – our Uncommon [community].

You, who believed that we could create something new.

You, who believed that it was possible and necessary to re-envision the conversation around faith in our community.

You, who believed that we could create a space for people to belong before they believed.

This year is because of you. And we want to thank you for joining us on the journey. We have big plans for 2019, and – y’all – God is on the MOVE!

We’d love to ask you to continue to partner with Uncommon [good] as we take this next year by storm!

As we all enter this season of giving – give to what God is doing through Uncommon [good]. Literally every donation makes a huge impact towards helping us accomplish the vision that God has called us ALL to!

But we have goal… Cause next week is Giving Tuesday which is a huge fundraising day for non-profits. And we think our Uncommon [community] can make a huge impact on bridging the gap between church and culture. So what’s the goal? Drumroll please…

Let’s raise $10,000 by Giving Tuesday!

That’s 100 people giving $100, or 200 people giving $50.
Yeah, we can do maths!

Will you help us reach our goal? 😁 🙏 👇


If you need another nudge, check out this little video we made at one of our favorite spots. In it, we reflect on the year and look forward to the next…


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Uncommon Christmas

Sunday, December 2nd, 4 PM
Maderas Golf Club

Adults: $25  //  Kids: $10

Cost covers delicious food and all the Christmas fun!

Christmas is the time when we celebrate a miracle. But it’s also the time we enjoy fun traditions that have nothing to do with said miracle. And guess what… that’s okay!

At Uncommon Christmas, we’ll celebrate the miracle of Jesus and have all the Christmas fun (including Santa) at one time. In one place.

And we have a special musical guest joining us!! You won’t want to miss it.

See you there!

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You are loved
You are valued
You belong





💓Loving to Life🌱


We’re coming into week three with our uncommon [rhythm]. Worship night was awesome. Wine & Word and Zombies was SO GOOD! And the next two weeks hold even more goodness…

But first, here’s a little inspirational thought for your day…

Ok, Cody here…
I gotta tell you guys about this week. I think God was sending a message to me through a variety of sources. A simple message about loving others. [You’d think I would’ve gotten that right by now, huh?]

You see, this past Sunday we had an event where we watched a movie about a Zombie dude who falls in love with a living girl. And how the simple act of love and acceptance from the “living” can bring the “dead” back to life. So, as I watched the movie 800 or so times to prep for the event, the message was loud and clear: love can bring people back to life.

But that wasn’t the only thing.
See earlier in the week, my friend Lauren Herrington posted this gem:

“When people love each other, we inevitably and subconsciously become a little bit ‘less’ in order to create space for one another.”

YES!  🙌  Love creates space for one another!

THEN! There was this…
Our very own Dawn Neldon put out an awesome post about her time in Guatemala that ended with this nugget:

“Don’t be overwhelmed by the brokenness – just do for one what you wish you could do for everyone.”

But wait! There’s more…
If that wasn’t enough, my friend Meghan Freund dropped this wisdom in my face:

“You don’t have to be there for the world, just be there for one person. Big change is not done by big actions. It’s done by millions of people making small easy changes that have a huge impact when multiplied.”

Wow! Right? I fully believe God was speaking an important message through multiple people this week. Honestly, I think He does that a lot. But this time was especially encouraging for me. Because in a time when everyone seems so divided and at odds with one another… when the bad news seems to get worse and worse… and the world seems like a dark place… changing things seems insurmountable. But I think God is whispering to us that we don’t have to try and change the world. Instead, we can make small changes where we are. We can make space for others. The ones who are right in front of us. We can love them to life. And that simple act will create the ripple effects needed to change… everything! This is how we join what God is doing in the world. And what he is doing in the people around us.

Love them to life.

Now, speaking of loving others, we wanna invite you to do that around the table this weekend. Check out what’s coming up…


This Sunday

The Common [table]
October 21st, 4PM

Common [table] is a way for us to practice hospitality and shared life in the most authentic way possible: gathered around tables in homes. And it’s not too late to join in!

If you’re interested in joining a table group click [here]


Next Sunday

October 28th, 4PM

We are SO EXCITED about this event!! Simply put, it’s a giant Halloween party in the middle of a beautiful avocado grove. And it’s gonna be awesome!

Learn more about it by clicking this fancy button below…



A Look Back…

Wine & Words and Zombies was so awesome… Click the image below to see the magical pics from the night



you are loved
you are valued
you belong