What Is Worship? 🙌

– cody vermillion

This week, we have been thinking a lot about worship. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that our first worship service is only a few days away!!!

Ok, it’s definitely that.

But also because we have been thinking and praying about this day for at least a year, probably longer, and now it’s here! And as we have been planning, learning, talking, and ideating about what it will look like for Uncommon [good] to do “worship” regularly, we have come to some conclusions…

Worship is Weird

Lemme ‘splain… For some, the typical idea of corporate worship is strange. Maybe even intimidating. People coming together to sing some songs that everyone seems to know, raising hands, standing up and sitting down all together, and at the right times… I mean, to an outsider, that’s weird. *Pause* – I wanna be clear in saying that there’s nothing wrong with that way of worship. I personally do those things when I worship. And we welcome it! But we also want to make our uncommon [worship] night a place with no expectations for those who might not be familiar with the typical patterns of worship. Because…

Worship is For Everyone

We mean that in the sense that, all are welcome to worship. But also, all are created to worship. That’s right. We were made to give glory to God. Not just with singing and raising hands. But with everything we are. And God invites all His creation (even rocks) to worship Him. Regardless of where you are in your faith, you are welcome to worship. You are created to worship. But what we want to help you understand is that worship is so much more than singing songs together…

Worship is a Lifestyle

Many of us are conditioned to think worship is some event that we attend once a week. But, a weekly gathering to sing and hear someone talk was never meant to be the end-all-be-all worship experience. Each and every day we are given the opportunity to worship the One whose image we were created in. Whether through our work, as a parent, as a student, as a friend, as a human trying to muddle through the rhythms of this life… No matter where we are, or what we are doing, it can be an act of worship to God. How, you ask? Well, we’ve gotta save something to talk about at the worship night. 😉

Speaking of… are you coming?!

Rhythm: A Night of Uncommon [worship]
Sunday, October 7, 4 PM
Poway Community Center

Rediscover what worship is all about as we do “church” in an uncommon way.

13094 Civic Center Dr, Poway, CA  92064

Kids programs provided for ages 1 through 10 years old.






We welcome your help to continue this uncommon [adventure]!

you are loved
you are valued
you belong




When Endings Are Beginnings

Just a few short years ago [ …okay maybe 10 – yikes! ] Drew and I were planning to be missionaries in Mexico for the rest of our lives. We were all in. We found ourselves back in the states for a short stint to get some things together, but our hearts and minds were still in Mexico. We planned to live out our marriage in Mexico, raise our kids to speak Spanish, and to love amor chile sauce on their potato chips.

We had a plan and it was good. Not only did we like our plan but it seemed totally in line with what God wanted for our lives. I mean honestly God, how many people out there actually WANT to be missionaries? And here we were waving our hands and jumping up and down. Then one phone call changed everything. The plans we had came crashing to a halt. And try as we may for the next three years, God never opened a door for us to return to Mexico as full time missionaries.

This was a tragic season for us. Everywhere we looked – every door we pushed on – was fruitless in our pursuit of a life lived in Mexico. We watched our dreams to be missionaries come crashing down. It was hard. It was a season of mourning, and try as I might I couldn’t make sense of it. It seemed like the death of our dreams.

There are times in our lives when we look around and all we can see is the death of things.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this recently – how God doesn’t always live up to our expectations. (Maybe it’s better said that our expectations don’t always live up to God’s). Either way, when we fail to mind that gap between expectations and reality, we hit the ground hard every time. And our first response is usually to wave a fist at God; to be angry or depressed or  __________ (enter your favorite negative emotion here).

Can I tell you one of my favorite things about God (that I have had to learn the hard way)? With God, what looks like the end is often only the beginning. He specializes in taking moments that feel like a HARD. STOP. and turning them into the start of something unexpected and new. Death out of life. Beginnings from certain endings. This is God’s area of expertise.

Like it or not, we don’t always get to choose for life to go the way we want or expect it to (dang-it). But we do get to choose how to respond in those moments. When everything around us seems to be dying, we get to choose: succumb to the death or watch for signs of life. We can choose to be a people who know that death is not the end of the story in fact – it’s often only the beginning…

And speaking of beginnings…

Uncommon [good] is beginning a new weekly spiritual rhythm in October. And it’s kind of a big deal! 

Check out our events page to for more info.


you are loved
you are valued
you belong



🍂 Fall and The Rhythm of Life

Purpose and Rhythm

– ryan james ross

I love building things.
Treehouses, doors, homes, toys… I love it all.

But this project was way more profound than mere fun — it was an answer to prayer…

The mission for Uncommon [good] is to create space in our community where people realize their need for connection with God and one another in community. The moment we got invited to help out with Poway Days, we knew that God was at work. Our job was literally to “create space for community”… And that’s what we do!!! We felt God winking at us when we got this job!

Every moment that I was creating the benches and tables for our space at Poway Days, I was talking with God. I was thanking Him for this opportunity to create good space for people, for this great way to live out our mission, and I was praying for all the people that would relax in our space. I prayed that all these strangers would feel connection, that they would experience joy, and that God would give them a taste of his love and belonging.

Being a catalyst of community at Poway Days is only a part of what we get to do through Uncommon [good] this year. There is SO MUCH ahead — and there’s a great rhythm to it all as we jump into Fall.

So, let’s talk rhythm…

We are excited to announce that Uncommon [good] will find a WEEKLY spiritual rhythm in the fall. That’s right folks – every Sunday afternoon there will be an opportunity for you to connect with this Uncommon [community]

You all know that we have been on a journey to reimagine church for a new generation. Not because we just like doing things differently – or for the sake of novelty – but because if we are going to reach the ever growing MAJORTIY of people who want nothing to do with church – then we have to try something new. And so we have studied, talked, dreamed, and prayed our way into what we are calling a new spiritual rhythm:

October 7 –  Uncommon [worship] Night 
A monthly opportunity for corporate worship – in both familiar and uncommon ways.

October 14Wine & Words
A monthly version of the crowd favorite! We will continue to reframe and reclaim truths about life, faith and being human!

October 21 – Common Table
A monthly family style small group gathering – centered around the good old fashioned art of eating and conversing. Join a Common Table group to take part in the rhythm of deep, intentional relationships. This is where you dive deep into the things of life and faith.

October 28 – Taste of Community
We will continue to create gifts of community for the community. We call it the sacrament of party! A chance to invite friends and neighbors to gather together – a place where people can belong before they believe.

Help Make It Happen…

We cannot wait to make this weekly spiritual rhythm a reality.
But we need your help!

You heard two weeks ago that we are now an official – all grown up – non-profit! Well, now is the time to give so we can continue make Uncommon [good] a reality. We would love for you to consider setting up recurring giving or perhaps sponsoring one of the following events:

Wine & Words – $500
Worship night – $1,500

Taste of Community – $2,500
One Staff Salary for a month – $3,000

This Uncommon [journey] has been a joy and an adventure. Together we’ve done exciting things – and there’s more on the horizon! Push the button below and let’s continue to lean into the adventure God has for us!

👇   👇   👇   👇   👇   👇   👇

We have plans for growth, business, and financial sustainability. Please shoot us an email if you’d like to meet up and hear our vision for the future — it’s big, and it’s very [good].


you are loved
you are valued
you belong



Broken but [good]

– cody vermillion

So its been a pretty eventful week so far. Full of joy, frustration, fun, sorrow… a dash of weirdness… and some good community.

Some of you may have seen part of this reflection on my social media earlier this week. But so much has happened since, and I wanna give you the whole story…

It all started this past Sunday.

I got the privilege to play my broken guitar while leading worship for my friend Caden’s youth group. It was a great morning! But it got me thinking about brokenness. See I dropped this guitar in a rehearsal a couple of years ago, and the ensuing crack has been held together by tape ever since.

The tape has worked well at making sure the crack doesn’t get worse. But it hasn’t really fixed the problem. I need to introduce some glue or wood puddy and some elbow grease to really fix it. And even then, it will never be the same. The scars will still be there. And it probably won’t sound the way it did before.

But despite all that, I still love this guitar. I love that, even though it’s broken, I can still enjoy playing it. That I can still write songs on it. That I can still lead teenagers in worship with it. That it can still serve a purpose.

And that’s kinda like us, right?

We’re all a little broken. Cracked. Scarred.

And I think too often we want to focus on those things – the things we need to fix – the ways we are, damaged, wrong, or “bad”. We desperately try to cover them up with all manner of things to keep the cracks from spreading and revealing what’s underneath. But I think that’s no way to live.

Because I believe what’s deepest within you – what makes you who you are – isn’t your brokenness. Sure, it has shaped you and changed you in big ways. And maybe even become a huge part of your story. But there’s so much more to your story, guys! You don’t have to live from that brokenness. It’s not who you are. It’s not who you were created to be. You are created by a God who loves you. A God who made you [good]!

And however life has roughed you up, I want you to know, you still have purpose. You’re still worth something.

Because the good news is, God loves us broken messed up people so much that He chose to be broken Himself. To feel the full human experience, even death, so that we can have life to the full. And I know we’ve said this a bunch, but guess what… life to the full can happen now. Today.

I gotta tell you, I think I have been experiencing life to the full this week. Like, the full human experience.

From the high of leading teenagers in worship through music, to the low of our four year old fighting us tooth and nail on everything [ev.er.y.thing.]… to making great connections with like-minded people; to having fun with all of you at the beach and the park; to praying with people in our community facing some really hard stuff; and even saying goodbye to friends we love, knowing we probably won’t see them again for a long time…

Life to the full is getting the complete human experience and seeing God’s beauty in all of it. Even the brokenness. Because even when our kid is driving us nuts, we can see that his strong will is part of how God made him… that the very thing Jen and I are so frustrated with now, will actually serve him pretty well in the future. Even when people we care about are facing hard times, we can see how God pulls his people together in faith to pray for miracles.

And even when we have to say goodbye to good friends, we see how God binds our hearts together in ways no ocean can erode away.

[we love you Croxfords!]

So, if we can step into those hard places with a different perspective, we can begin to see how God actually fills in the cracks around our brokenness. And what starts to define those times isn’t the brokenness itself, but the beauty that God is making from it.

You may or may not have noticed that our logo is a cracked mosaic heart. Yes. This is intentional. 😉 Because we believe that all of us broken people can come together like the broken pieces of a mosaic and make something beautiful. And I have seen that so much in this community this week. So, thank you for making that happen!

Now… this week I want you to embrace the truth that the brokenness in your life doesn’t define you. It’s actually what makes you beautiful. Because God has taken those broken pieces and formed them into something new. You are His creation. You are His child. He has great plans for you…

Brokenness and all.

👇Wanna see more uncommon moments?👇

Our Week in Photos


wine & words is back!

August 19th, 6:30 PM
Espinosa Vineyards and Winery

What’s Wine & Words? Well, it’s an event where we drink wine and share some words about faith, Jesus, and being human. Our last one was awesome!

We expect this one to fill up quick. So make sure to RSVP early.

Wine & Words Tickets


don’t forget the summer-tivities…

click the image or visit our events page for more info!


you are loved
you are valued
you belong



It’s Time To Go

– ryan ross

So summer’s been hot… and super busy… right?!
Heat and constant activity aren’t exactly a recipe for perfection…
But sometimes you just find yourself in perfect moments amongst all the ordinary and rushed comings and goings of our days. Well, Cody and I walked in to such a divine moment this week.

We got a text inviting us to hang out with our Uncommon friend, Kalin as she prepared to go on an incredible journey the next day…

But before we get into what she’s doing, we want you to meet her…

Kalin and the whole Johnston fam have been a huge part of Uncommon [good] since our first community event in Old Poway Park. In fact, if you’ve been to any of our events, their finger prints have been all over the place.

We’ve been lucky to know the Johnston’s since Kalin was in Middle School! And seriously, it’s no surprise that she is following her big heart and God’s calling to [go]…

Because this is no ordinary summer trip that she’s jumping into. Kalin quite randomly got connected with a group of creatives in design and business that are going to Uganda for the purpose of giving away their talents for the good of others.

This creative team of incredibly gifted and successful women are helping an impoverished Ugandan community create a business for themselves so that they can bring jobs, income, dignity, hope and security to a community that currently lacks all of those things. All through an organization called WEND

Kalin was invited into this out of nowhere, and her soul heard the Godly whisper of [go]. So Wednesday night we met in a backyard with family and friends and we prayed with Kalin. Around an ordinary patio table under cafe lights, the moment became extraordinary and beautiful, even heavenly, as we laid fear and hope all before God, and Kalin stepped out in courage and faith.

[calling] & [going] always have an element of risk and fear,
otherwise there would be no need for faith.

What is God calling you into? What does His whisper of [go] spark in you?

Your calling probably isn’t Uganda, but perhaps your [go] is acting on a dream that you’ve set aside, or reaching out to someone that’s been on your mind. Maybe it’s leaving a job and stepping into something new that brings good into the world…

We don’t know, but I know that you and God will know.

We haven’t done this before, but we want to accompany this inspirational thought with some music. This week, another dear friend shared this song with me right on top of Kalin’s calling to make this world a better place for others.

More often then we’d like to admit, we choose to sit, stay, and remain unchanged when we feel a calling to go and do something good. Especially if it’s something that may be risky, uncomfortable, or out of the ordinary. This song from All Son’s & Daughters is about how God has called you higher… higher than the norm of ordinary days… higher than days lived for your life only… to a life lived that brings life to others.

And now the Uncommon [challenge]:
Click the link below, listen to the song, and enjoy a moment of reflecting with God and listening to His whisper.

Is there an area in which God is whispering [go]?

don’t forget the summer-tivities…

click the image or visit our events page for more info!


you are loved
you are valued
you belong



Waiting Is The Worst

waiting is hard.

– dawn neldon

I don’t like waiting. I know that there is wisdom (and even inspirational bathroom posters) that tout the benefits of patience. But honestly – I think they’re just trying to make us all feel better. I’m sure many of you are rolling your eyes and crediting my age or our current cultural pace with my lack of patience – and while you might be right – it doesn’t change my stance.

Waiting is the worst.

As a people, we are collectively out of practice with waiting. And this can be problematic because – it would appear – God doesn’t operate like Amazon Prime (dang it). How nice it would be nice if we could submit our request and find the nicely packaged responses on our doorsteps two days later. But that’s not how it works.

Many of us have things we’ve been pursuing and prayers we’ve been praying for years – and we still find ourselves waiting. It can make us skeptical or cynical when we read verses like Jeremiah 29:11…

“I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”

Some of us have been waiting to see that good plan unfold in our lives and it feels like we just. keep. waiting. Making the platitudes of well intentioned people (and sappy inspirational posters) feel mocking, instead of helpful.

When I am tempted to feel this way about circumstances in my life I remind (re-mind) myself of two things I’ve learned about God over the years:

1. God works the long game. There are prayers I’ve prayed and dreams I’ve dreamed that seem long forgotten by the time I see an answer. But when I look back I see that all along God had been moving people and aligning circumstances to bring that future hope I had prayed about long before.

2. God wastes nothing. There are times when I feel like things in my life have gone wasted. Things have happened or skills I’ve acquired that seem to be a confusing part of my story at best. But know this: there is no experience or circumstance or skill or hope that God will not loop back in to our story. If we offer these things up to Him he will make them a part of the good plan that He has for us!

Now… Here’s the waiting life hack:
If we are watching for God at work while we wait – we will not despair and lose hope. Instead we will be surprised by hope as we see glimpses of His plan unfolding around us in unexpected ways.


And while we’re on the subject of waiting, we can’t wait to show you…

a sweet recap!

A Taste of Summer this past Sunday was awesome! Thanks to all who came out and enjoyed some good community on a beautiful summer day in San Diego. Take a look at all the fun…


the summer haps…

Summer ain’t over yet! We’ve still got loads of fun in store.

Check it out…

Mondays at Moonlight Beach 
Mondays until August 13th, 9 AM – 1 PM
Come hang with us every Monday this summer! Bring the kiddos. We’ll have surf boards and fun-ness! Be sure to also bring some grub for you and yours.


Wednesdays At The Park
Every Wednesday until August 15th, 4 PM – Sundown (ish)
Keep an eye on our Social Media for the location each week.

Bring a picnic, some chairs, and a snack to share.
Let’s all enjoy that #summerlife together!


you are loved
you are valued
you belong



Good News Part 3: Fun and Fruit

Did you miss parts one and two? Here’s the links:

Good News: Part One

Good News: Part Two

-ryan james ross

Here’s the good news, part three…

“God sees us as we are, loves us as we are, and accepts us as we are. But by His grace, He does not leave us as we are.”

 So how are we changed by faith in Jesus?

Galatians is a short letter in the Bible that was written by a devoted follower of Jesus named Paul (likely the earliest letter written in the New Testament). He wrote this letter for the early Christian church in Galatia that was going through some major theological and political challenges as they asked, “how do we follow Jesus in today’s world?”

These first Christians were getting pressured to fall into the religious status quo of their time. They were told to follow religious laws, political stances, rituals, and expectations that were in place well before Jesus — and many of these things seemed to confine, restrict, limit, exclude, and even contradict what Jesus spoke about. They wondered, “how does a follower of Jesus navigate all of this? How do we behave?”

So, Paul wrote them this letter to encourage their faith, their freedom, and their [fruit].

Paul essentially says, “let me give you the mindset of living in faith. Here’s how I see it

”The life I live in the body [Right now. In my city. Everyday.], I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.” (Galatians 2:20). This mindset will do something to you.

What comes out of this faith is transformation of your life
 yes, you’ll live different.

The letter explains that by faith Christ is living in you. Or in other words, the very Spirit of God is now walking with you (read Galatians chapter 5). This close walk with God in your life will begin to bring out the most beautiful things in humanity [fruit]:

“… the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Against such things there is no law.”

The Good News of walking by faith in the Son of God who loves you and gave himself for you is this: you will become one who lives out love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control.

That is not only good news to you, but to everyone around you and your edges as well : )

Happy Summer, friends!!!

Our dream is to summer with you… join us at the fun below.

And we’ve got some new details on our Summer events,
So be sure to read ahead!



[click the image for a larger version of the flier]

Wednesdays at Silverset Park

June 27th – August 15th, 4 PM
Drop by in the afternoon for some chill time at the park.

Mondays at Moonlight Beach

July 9th – August 13th, 9 AM – 1 PM
You gotta love a beach day. Bring the kiddos. We’ll have surf boards and fun-ness!

Taste of Summer [Community Event]

July 15th, 3 PM
This will be an awesome summer party, and there just miiiiighht be some slippin’ and slidin’ goin’ on… But no promises 😉 We will send out RSVP info in the next couple of weeks. But please, save the date!



You are loved.

You are valued.

You belong.


Good News Needs A Part 2

– ryan james ross


Last week’s “good news inspiration” began and closed with these words:

“You are welcome here. You are valued. You belong.”
That’s how Jesus made the outcast feel. In short, those phrases are another way to communicate that you are loved, and that’s the good news.

You are loved by God. Period.

Sit in that a bit. Jesus brought you that news, but it wasn’t his whole message [thank God].

So here’s part two of the good news:
Love doesn’t leave you as you are — it beckons you forward.

That image above was snapped just last week at a baseball game. That’s my son Colton running with all of his might and you can just feel that bundle of fun and joy that he is. I love of that kid with all of my being!!!

Here’s what you can’t see in that image though. Seconds before that photo he learned that sticks can hurt people and he had to say sorry to another kid that got whacked in a ‘sword fight’. Then, just after that picture, he was in tears because he wanted more candy and I had already allowed way too much — he would’ve definitely got sick with more sugar in that little body. See, I love him as he is — too much for words even — and because of that love, I can’t help teaching him more about life, keeping him from harm, and becoming the best version of himself.

Tim Keller explains the good news this way: “God sees us as we are, loves us as we are, and accepts us as we are. But by His grace, He does not leave us as we are.”

Love beckons you forward, and that’s what Jesus welcomes you into when he says, “follow me”.


What do you want to talk about
at the next Wine & Words?




[click the image for a larger version of the flier]

Are you ready for fun in the sun, and some uncommon community?
Check out what we have going on…

Wednesdays at Silverset Park

June 27th – August 15th, 4 PM
Drop by in the afternoon for some chill time at the park.

Mondays at Moonlight Beach

July 9th – August 13th, 9 AM – 1 PM
You gotta love a beach day. Bring the kiddos. We’ll have surf boards and fun-ness!

Taste of Community Event

July 15th, 4 PM
Save the date for this one. More deets to come!


Summer, here we come!


You are loved. You are valued. You belong.



Good News and Good Times

– ryan james ross


You are welcome here.
This is all for you.
You are valued.
You belong.

Those words are good, but they are even better to those that have felt unwelcome, inadequate, unvalued, or perhaps like they don’t belong.

This is what made Jesus the revolutionary Rabbi – He took what was thought to be closed up for a few and He opened up the truly good life to everyone – especially those that felt or had been told, “you don’t have what it takes”.

This last week at Wine & Words we took some time in the conversation to refer to the Sermon on the Mount – Jesus’ most famous message in history (Matthew 5-7). Sometimes we don’t realize that most of Jesus’ teaching went absolutely against the dominant religious narratives of his time. But Jesus, he went out into the streets of the city and out to the edges of water to tell everyone that was on the outside that they are welcomed in. His sermon, particularly the Beatitudes, are radical because they teach that everyone has access to the kingdom – no one is cut off from God – and your life situation (whether past or present) does not keep you from walking with the King.

This is the gospel, the Good News. No matter what you’ve been through, have done, or find yourself in right now, you are actually envied (blessed). Because Jesus is looking right into your eyes and saying,
“You are welcome here.
This is all for you.
You are valued.
You belong.”


Good Wine & Good Times

Click the Facebook album below to see images of the night snapped by the amazing David Manning!

Our first Wine & Words event was amazing!! We loved having you join us for a great convo about exclusive truth and…

Posted by Uncommon Good on Saturday, June 9, 2018


Album not showing? Click this here button:

Wine and Words Pics


Button not working? Well, you can’t say we didn’t try…



[click the image for a larger version of the flier]

The Uncommon [good] summer vibes are nearly in full swing. And it is packed with fun in the sun, and some chill community!
Check out what we have going on…

Wednesdays at Silverset Park

June 27th – August 15th, 4 PM
Drop by in the afternoon for some chill time at the park.

Mondays at Moonlight Beach

July 9th – August 13th, 9 AM – 1 PM
You gotta love a beach day. Bring the kiddos. We’ll have surf boards and fun-ness!

Taste of Community Event

July 15th, 4 PM
Save the date for this one. More deets to come!


See you this summer!

You are loved. You are valued. You belong.



Exclusive Truth / Inclusive Love

– dawn neldon

I wonder what the church looks like to those on the outside. Sometimes I think about this and it makes me sad. Because I think that from the outside the Church looks like a group of people clamoring to have the corner on Truth. And since it would seem that Truth can only exist in one corner – battles are waged to take ownership of that real estate.

I think that those outside the Church are confused when they hear about Jesus (who took a wildly inclusive stance on love and hospitality and community) and yet see His followers consumed with judging and correcting and defending their exclusive “rightness”.

Now don’t misunderstand me and think I’m denouncing exclusive truth. I’m not. But what if we’ve gotten it wrong? What if exclusive truth and inclusive love aren’t mutually exclusive concepts? Jesus preached both. Jesus lived both. What would the church look like to those on the outside if we figured out how to do the same?

We, the people of Uncommon [good], are committed to reclaiming truths about faith and Jesus and being human. Join us as we dive into this important conversation June 3rd at Wine and Words.

Know someone (or more than one) who needs to be there? Help us get the word out! Click on one of the graphics below to download and share on your social channels.

If you haven’t signed up – do that here…



wine & words

you have heard it said…

[reclaiming] truths about faith, Jesus, and being Human.
June 3rd, 6:30 PM


RSVP here and we’ll see you there!


small group pics

Last, small groups went great! Check out our Facebook album:

We had an awesome launch to our very first round of small groups. Community, faith, love… FUN! Tag yourself or your friends! 🙂

Posted by Uncommon Good on Thursday, May 24, 2018