Exclusive Truth / Inclusive Love

– dawn neldon

I wonder what the church looks like to those on the outside. Sometimes I think about this and it makes me sad. Because I think that from the outside the Church looks like a group of people clamoring to have the corner on Truth. And since it would seem that Truth can only exist in one corner – battles are waged to take ownership of that real estate.

I think that those outside the Church are confused when they hear about Jesus (who took a wildly inclusive stance on love and hospitality and community) and yet see His followers consumed with judging and correcting and defending their exclusive “rightness”.

Now don’t misunderstand me and think I’m denouncing exclusive truth. I’m not. But what if we’ve gotten it wrong? What if exclusive truth and inclusive love aren’t mutually exclusive concepts? Jesus preached both. Jesus lived both. What would the church look like to those on the outside if we figured out how to do the same?

We, the people of Uncommon [good], are committed to reclaiming truths about faith and Jesus and being human. Join us as we dive into this important conversation June 3rd at Wine and Words.

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wine & words

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[reclaiming] truths about faith, Jesus, and being Human.
June 3rd, 6:30 PM


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small group pics

Last, small groups went great! Check out our Facebook album:

We had an awesome launch to our very first round of small groups. Community, faith, love… FUN! Tag yourself or your friends! 🙂

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