Fun is Fun

– dawn neldon

So… we’re gonna talk about fun. And just for fun, let’s play a game: See how many times we can say fun in one post…

We expect a reply. 😉

Now… When was the last time you stopped to just watch a kid? Like, really put down your phone or your newspaper and watched how children exist in this world? While there certainly are some less than desirable characteristics that have yet to be worked out of our children, I am always struck by one thing they possess that sadly seems to have been worked out of most adults: They value FUN. Kids will go out of their way to do something simply because it’s fun. They will jump for no reason. They will skip instead of walk. They hop over cracks on a normally mundane walk. They will be silly because they haven’t been told it’s improper yet. They know something that I fear many adults have forgotten: fun is FUN! I’ve never had to convince a kid that fun is valuable – for them it’s an obviously.

Adults on the other hand…

Here’s what I know about a lot of adults – we don’t value fun. We have outgrown fun. We don’t have time or energy for fun (I mean honestly, when was the last time you jumped up and down for no reason? When was the last time you skipped anywhere?). Many of us adults think that fun is frivolous. An unnecessary waste of time that would be better spent on being productive.

However, if you are on this Uncommon journey with us, there’s something we need to confess to you – we value Fun. And not just a little bit – like as a side dish to the main course of serious business. We actually believe that fun is central, and important, and life giving, and necessary. We have a Theology of Fun — We believe that fun unleashes something that God designed and that the world has tried to strangle out of us over the last however many decades. We believe that kids have something to teach us in the fun department about how life is meant to be lived!

Now, I want to stop and acknowledge that many of you, even right now, are having a physiological response to this notion – that fun is divinely valuable. There may be some that are rolling their eyes or crossing their arms or thinking us to be rather simple or naive or immature for valuing fun so much as to write about it. That’s okay. We don’t mind. In fact I’m gonna get on my fun soapbox and give you a little what-for:

See here’s what I actually think happened to us buttoned up, too busy, too put together adults – life got hard. I mean, we were created to live this expansive life – it’s what our hearts long for! Big, expansive abundant LIFE. But along the way we got too busy or too worried about fitting in to pay attention to things like LIFE. Productivity and peer-pressure became paramount. And instead of leaning into life and having space for fun, we decided it was safer (and more responsible) to muddle through it with our heads down and feet forward. Fun became a luxury that our schedules, and honestly our self-esteem, couldn’t afford. Somewhere on our journey we decided to sit on the sidelines and watch other people lean in to life – inwardly longing that it could be us, but lacking the courage or the energy to get up and join the party. Until finally one day we decided “Who needs fun anyway? Certainly not me!”

There’s a childlikeness that was in you from the start… a fingerprint from God.

There was a time in our lives when we lived life with abandon – unhindered by the difficulties of this world – we leaned in to life and as a result, we fully lived. But over time we stopped skipping. We stopped leaning. We stopped living fully alive.

That needs to stop.

Because if we devalue something long enough, we condition ourselves into not caring about it anymore – leaving it neglected like a part of our engine that we stopped maintaining. However, a Theology of Fun holds out the truth that fun is actually an essential part. And without it in our life, we aren’t firing on all cylinders. We aren’t allowing our “car” to be all that is car. (Now that’s a fun sentence to repeat).

We get this one life and God didn’t make us to muddle through when we could choose to lean in! FUN is the thing that shakes us from our muddling and challenges us to live into the bigness that we were created for. It moves us past our worries and our busyness, it connects us with others in joy, and fun helps us engage in life the way we were meant to live it!

Our hope is that on May 6th you will experience a taste of this fun! That you will watch people exhale and laugh and be silly. And perhaps, as a result, you will accept the invitation to lean into life just a bit more!


join the fun

So maybe you’ve heard by now – but something big is happening this Sunday…That’s right – Seis de Mayo!! As we like to say: why celebrate existing holidays when you can invent your own? Seis felt neglected in the grand shadow of Cinco. So, we’re here to help.


This taste of life and community is at Lake Poway, SUNDAY from 3:30 – 6:30pm. We will have delicious tacos, spicy music, drinks, kid crafts and special surprises that – when blended together – equal an awesomely good time! If you’re thinking in your brain about coming but haven’t registered – commit already! Click the RSVP button and let us know you’re joining the fun!



We’re talking fun for the whole family – even your dog!
(but we draw the line at cats).

Already coming? We need your help then…

Think about who in your life needs to be a part of Uncommonly [good] community and entice them with free tacos and drinks (if that fails, drag them there by force if necessary.)

And here’s a fancy way to invite them…

Click the button or image below to download an invite graphic that you can share with a friend. Text it, email it, post it… whatever works for you!

Invite a Friend


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make the fun

We absolutely love that our Uncommon [community] makes these parties happen! In March you all rallied to completely cover the cost of our first taste of community event! And it’s not too late to give to Seis de Mayo.

If everyone on our mailing list contributed $20 we would cover the cost and keep this event free for people who need to connect with our community! If you want to contribute to Uncommon [good] click the button below…

Help Make Seis Free


one last thing

and this is a good one…

We are SUPER excited to announce that we’ll be having a short small group session running from May – June. Groups will kick off the week of May 21st talking through Andy Stanley’s “Starting Point” series. Which is all about discovering where faith (of any kind) begins in life.

So, whether you are curious, committed, or have questions about faith, this series will be an awesome opportunity for learning. And just as importantly, it will allow us to gather and connect regularly with other people in our Uncommon [community].

There will be a small group sign up table at the Seis de Mayo Party, but if you want to get a head start, click the button below to fill out the small group interest form.

Small Groups Form



So… How many “fun’s” did you find?
Reply with your count.
Just for fun! 😉


You are loved and valued!

Your uncommon [team]



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