Good News and Good Times

– ryan james ross


You are welcome here.
This is all for you.
You are valued.
You belong.

Those words are good, but they are even better to those that have felt unwelcome, inadequate, unvalued, or perhaps like they don’t belong.

This is what made Jesus the revolutionary Rabbi – He took what was thought to be closed up for a few and He opened up the truly good life to everyone – especially those that felt or had been told, “you don’t have what it takes”.

This last week at Wine & Words we took some time in the conversation to refer to the Sermon on the Mount – Jesus’ most famous message in history (Matthew 5-7). Sometimes we don’t realize that most of Jesus’ teaching went absolutely against the dominant religious narratives of his time. But Jesus, he went out into the streets of the city and out to the edges of water to tell everyone that was on the outside that they are welcomed in. His sermon, particularly the Beatitudes, are radical because they teach that everyone has access to the kingdom – no one is cut off from God – and your life situation (whether past or present) does not keep you from walking with the King.

This is the gospel, the Good News. No matter what you’ve been through, have done, or find yourself in right now, you are actually envied (blessed). Because Jesus is looking right into your eyes and saying,
“You are welcome here.
This is all for you.
You are valued.
You belong.”


Good Wine & Good Times

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Our first Wine & Words event was amazing!! We loved having you join us for a great convo about exclusive truth and…

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The Uncommon [good] summer vibes are nearly in full swing. And it is packed with fun in the sun, and some chill community!
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Taste of Community Event

July 15th, 4 PM
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See you this summer!

You are loved. You are valued. You belong.



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