Good News Needs A Part 2

– ryan james ross


Last week’s “good news inspiration” began and closed with these words:

“You are welcome here. You are valued. You belong.”
That’s how Jesus made the outcast feel. In short, those phrases are another way to communicate that you are loved, and that’s the good news.

You are loved by God. Period.

Sit in that a bit. Jesus brought you that news, but it wasn’t his whole message [thank God].

So here’s part two of the good news:
Love doesn’t leave you as you are — it beckons you forward.

That image above was snapped just last week at a baseball game. That’s my son Colton running with all of his might and you can just feel that bundle of fun and joy that he is. I love of that kid with all of my being!!!

Here’s what you can’t see in that image though. Seconds before that photo he learned that sticks can hurt people and he had to say sorry to another kid that got whacked in a ‘sword fight’. Then, just after that picture, he was in tears because he wanted more candy and I had already allowed way too much — he would’ve definitely got sick with more sugar in that little body. See, I love him as he is — too much for words even — and because of that love, I can’t help teaching him more about life, keeping him from harm, and becoming the best version of himself.

Tim Keller explains the good news this way: “God sees us as we are, loves us as we are, and accepts us as we are. But by His grace, He does not leave us as we are.”

Love beckons you forward, and that’s what Jesus welcomes you into when he says, “follow me”.


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You are loved. You are valued. You belong.



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