It’s Time To Go

– ryan ross

So summer’s been hot… and super busy… right?!
Heat and constant activity aren’t exactly a recipe for perfection…
But sometimes you just find yourself in perfect moments amongst all the ordinary and rushed comings and goings of our days. Well, Cody and I walked in to such a divine moment this week.

We got a text inviting us to hang out with our Uncommon friend, Kalin as she prepared to go on an incredible journey the next day…

But before we get into what she’s doing, we want you to meet her…

Kalin and the whole Johnston fam have been a huge part of Uncommon [good] since our first community event in Old Poway Park. In fact, if you’ve been to any of our events, their finger prints have been all over the place.

We’ve been lucky to know the Johnston’s since Kalin was in Middle School! And seriously, it’s no surprise that she is following her big heart and God’s calling to [go]…

Because this is no ordinary summer trip that she’s jumping into. Kalin quite randomly got connected with a group of creatives in design and business that are going to Uganda for the purpose of giving away their talents for the good of others.

This creative team of incredibly gifted and successful women are helping an impoverished Ugandan community create a business for themselves so that they can bring jobs, income, dignity, hope and security to a community that currently lacks all of those things. All through an organization called WEND

Kalin was invited into this out of nowhere, and her soul heard the Godly whisper of [go]. So Wednesday night we met in a backyard with family and friends and we prayed with Kalin. Around an ordinary patio table under cafe lights, the moment became extraordinary and beautiful, even heavenly, as we laid fear and hope all before God, and Kalin stepped out in courage and faith.

[calling] & [going] always have an element of risk and fear,
otherwise there would be no need for faith.

What is God calling you into? What does His whisper of [go] spark in you?

Your calling probably isn’t Uganda, but perhaps your [go] is acting on a dream that you’ve set aside, or reaching out to someone that’s been on your mind. Maybe it’s leaving a job and stepping into something new that brings good into the world…

We don’t know, but I know that you and God will know.

We haven’t done this before, but we want to accompany this inspirational thought with some music. This week, another dear friend shared this song with me right on top of Kalin’s calling to make this world a better place for others.

More often then we’d like to admit, we choose to sit, stay, and remain unchanged when we feel a calling to go and do something good. Especially if it’s something that may be risky, uncomfortable, or out of the ordinary. This song from All Son’s & Daughters is about how God has called you higher… higher than the norm of ordinary days… higher than days lived for your life only… to a life lived that brings life to others.

And now the Uncommon [challenge]:
Click the link below, listen to the song, and enjoy a moment of reflecting with God and listening to His whisper.

Is there an area in which God is whispering [go]?

don’t forget the summer-tivities…

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you are loved
you are valued
you belong



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