Life is Hard, But…

Cody James Vermillion

Yep. Life is hard sometimes.
Can I get an amen?

I am sure most of you reading this have gone through some hard things in life. It’s kind of the human experience, right? We come into this life screaming. Every minor discomfort is a painful reminder that we are no longer in the warmth and tranquility of the womb.

As we get older, we find that some things are harder than others. Some experiences are more painful. Some tasks are more challenging. And worse, we see others having an easy go at the things that give us the most trouble (spoiler alert: it’s hard for them too). Which seems to make things feel even harder. Thankfully, that’s not always the case. But in a culture that celebrates the “hustle”, it sure seems like we spend a lot of our lives struggling to keep up.

I personally feel that lately. Everything from getting the kids to school on time to sending that lingering email reply feels like a slog. What’s weirder though… even the good things (and there’s tons of good things) feel like a lot of work for some reason. In the words of Coldplay “nobody said it would be easy…” So yeah… life is hard sometimes.


There’s one thing that is easy. One thing that is light. One thing that isn’t a burden or a weight on our shoulders. In Matthew 11:28-30, Jesus says…

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

Rest. For. Your. Souls… Doesn’t that sound nice?

At Uncommon [good], we talk a lot about the Good News of Jesus not being particularly good if it has no impact on our lives here and now. These words from Jesus are a reminder that this life doesn’t have to be a burden or a weight on our shoulders. That there’s someone who carries it for us. That there’s rest for the weary and grace for the burdened. A grace that requires nothing of you. Now, that’s good news…

So I think it’s time we all accept the grace Jesus offers. Really embrace it. Claim it as your own. Because it is the gift that He gives us… A life that isn’t plagued by guilt, shame, or feelings of inadequacy. No, Jesus doesn’t come with a list of to do’s. He doesn’t offer a life of striving for perfection. He offers a life of resting with Him.

Don’t get me wrong, He doesn’t promise that life will be easy. This isn’t about deluding ourselves into thinking that everything is puppies and rainbows. We are grown ups, after all. There will still be challenges to face and work to be done. Accepting grace doesn’t mean you stop trying. It simply gives you the freedom to stop feeling like you don’t measure up. Grace gives us a reprieve from the weight and expectations of perfection. So that even when things are hard, we can rest with Him knowing that we are just as loved, just as valued, and that no matter what, we always belong at His table.

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