Love is Everywhere 💕

So, I (Cody) seem to have a thing for hearts. I know that’s not the manliest icon out there, but I love the symbolism of it. It’s part of why we chose the heart as our logo. In addition to designing our heart, I also seem to find hearts in random places. At which point, I take a picture like the one above. That one was on a red-zone curb at my apartment complex. As I thought about this recurring theme of hearts in my life, I realized that it could serve as a great reminder for all of us; If you keep your eyes open, you’ll see that…

Love is everywhere. 

You see we, the uncommon [people], hold love up as a value. Which on the surface is an obvious choice for a Jesus community. But let’s unpack it a little more… Our three values are Love, Faith, and Community. All three of them are ingrained in who we are. But love… love truly is at the heart of the other two. Pun shamelessly intended. 😉 

Let’s start with Faith. We have faith in a God who loves us more than we can ever even imagine. And we want to invite people into that. We share our faith, and hold faith for others because we want everyone to experience the [good] love of a [good] God.

Community. Real community is rooted in love. When someone is loved they belong. And we believe everyone should belong in a community that loves them. That is why we are so stoked to keep setting tables of belonging, love, joy, faith, fun, and community in 2020.

Love. The uncommonly [good] message we bring to the world is one of love. A great love that welcomes all to the table. A love that truly knows us. One that sees the all cracks and blemishes and keeps right on loving. Love that offers life to the full here and now. A love that we can see in sunsets, nature, the face of the grocery store clerk, and even parking lot curbs… His love is showing itself to us all the time. And if we pay attention, we’ll see see it everywhere. 




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