New Family

– Ryan Ross

We’ve been having such a good time at our Common [table] Pop Ups!

At our first one, what we thought would be about 12, soon became a party of 20 with so much great food and desserts that we could’ve fed an army. Great community is like that… you can’t just cap things off at small numbers sometimes. People are on your heart, and you just have to invite them to the table!

While the kids ran amuck and were literally swinging from trees (until Ryan’s great weight broke the rope ;)… we all talked around one question for the night: 

“What in your life right now brings you the most joy?”

The conversation was fun, rich, and eye opening. We learned so much about one another. The overall report from dinner was that it all just felt like one big loving family.

I love that – we created [new family] – and that’s the business of Jesus.

There were a lot of boundaries to blessing and inclusion in the days of Jesus. Blood lines were strong and distinct, and many believed that God’s presence and blessing were only for the right family trees with just the right heritage.

Jesus messed that up. He seemed to live with a blind eye to bloodlines and boundaries. Jesus stretched family beyond it’s natural state because he had a new social order in mind that transcended the idea that family only loves their own [and that God only loved certain families]. He turned unrelated groups of strangers into family. He said all are valuable and welcome to be a part of God’s family. Jesus included the least and the greatest all in one family. And it was through this [new family of faith] that God’s kingdom broke into the world.

Our dream is to keep doing this. To keep making space to expand the family and welcome everyone in. Everyone, no matter where they are with faith, can take part in great discussions about what brings joy in life while they enjoy food, drink, and the crazy sounds of children together. Let’s keep doing this, and thank you for being a part of our Uncommon [family].

Keep reading for more opportunities to be a part of great gatherings!

March and [tables]

March is all about connecting in community! And we believe God made us for this! In addition to our “Created to Commune” event on March 24th, we are excited to tell you about some mini “pop-up” events – including guy/gal gatherings – happening in March that are aimed at helping us all connect and continue to build this Uncommon [community].

Common Table Pop-Ups
These events are super simple: Gatherings at homes or other cool places focused on being with one another. Some will be family nights, some guy’s nights, some gal’s nights. Keep an eye on social media (be sure to follow us) to see when these pop ups with be. The first 12 (ish) people to RSVP in the comments will get a spot.

Coffee Hangs
Monday & Wednesday Mornings, 10 – 11AM
Ryan, Pam, Dawn, and Cody will be meeting at various coffee shops in the Poway/RB area on Monday and Wednesday mornings. Come hang with us! Laugh with us. Ask us questions. Get excited about uncommon [goodness]! Keep an eye on social media for where we will be those days.

And that leads us to…

Created to [commune]…

Sunday, March 24th, Bernardo Winery, FREE

It’s time to rediscover the meaning of communion all together. No matter your past experience, communion was always meant to be a table where all are included.

RSVP to Commune

Uncommon [cast]

As we work to find a regular space, our Podcast offers a consistent venue to engage with conversations about life, faith, and being human.

Find it on Apple, Google Play, Spotify… by searching “uncommon cast”. 

Listen to Uncommon Cast

You are loved

You are valued

You belong

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