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Can we all agree that there is something magical about summer? I anticipate the goodness of summer when my kids go back to school in the fall. I. LOVE. summer. It’s as if we feel the slow, warm days of summer in our bones and it changes the way we live our lives – for a few short months. Summer, for me, can be summarized into two words: Freedom and Community.

To me – something about summer screams FREEDOM! I recognize this is a little weird since, I (like most of you) no longer experience summer the way I did when I was a kid when summer meant literal freedom from the daily grind of Math and English.

Even as an adult with year round responsibilities summer still gives me a running through wildflowers sense of freedom (side-note, has anyone ever done that in real life?) Something about summer brings us a freedom from routine. Freedom from bedtime. Freedom from the busy, hectic-ness with which we live the rest of the year. Summer brings a great slow – down. A long overdue exhale. It feels free. And free feels good.

Here’s the other sneaky thing that summer does to us that I truly love – summer brings us out out of our living rooms and into community. Summer is filled with BBQ’s and picnics, beach days and evenings spent at the pool (way past bedtime). The longer, less hectic days draw us together in ways that we miss out on the rest of the year. A togetherness that we crave.

We were designed for freedom and we were created for community. The magic of summer is that it helps us tap into these two longings of our soul. Join Uncommon [good] this summer as we live into all the goodness that summer has to offer!

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July 15th, 3PM at Liberty Park in 4S Ranch

We wanna capture all the goodness that is a San Diego summer in one big party!

There will be fun. There will be food. There will be music. There will be bouncies for the kiddos. And there miiiiighht be some shenanigans with water… But no promises. 😉

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Pre-game fun starts at 3PM.

Food and other fun officially begins at 4PM.

As usual with our a Taste of Community events…

This is a FREE Party.

But if you’d like to help make it happen, you can make a donation at check out or on our giving page

Other Summer-tivities

[click the image for a larger version of the flier]

Mondays at Moonlight Beach 
July 9th – August 13th, 9 AM – 1 PM
You gotta love a beach day. Bring the kiddos. We’ll have surf boards and fun-ness!

Wednesdays at Silverset Park
July 11th – August 15th, 4 PM
Drop by in the afternoon for some chill time at the park. Bring a picnic and maybe a snack to share. We’ll have music and fun!


you are loved
you are valued
you belong



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