🦃 Thanksgiving Already? 😮


This year flew by so fast! How?!

November signals the one year birthday of Uncommon [good]! We teased our one year mark a couple of months ago… But now it’s official…


A year of beginnings and learning.

A year of community and party.

A year of stories and freedom.

A year of people engaging faith in new and different ways.

One year ago we cast the vision to bridge the gap between church and culture. We had great ideas about how we were going to do that and we were anxious to start the journey. And now, our Uncommon [community] has a whole year of experience adventuring towards the vision God is calling us to!

This year has felt like a flower blooming. Or a picture coming into focus… slowly revealing the beauty that God knew existed all along. And it’s not over – the journey is still unfolding. But every good journey requires a pit-stop or two where you pause and admire how far you’ve come. Our team has done that in the video at the end of this email. And we will continue to reflect and share stories in the coming weeks…

But for now, here’s what we know: this journey has truly only just begun. The adventure of figuring out how to reclaim truths about life, faith and being humanis just getting started. And all of this – ALL OF THIS – has only been possible because of you – our Uncommon [community].

You, who believed that we could create something new.

You, who believed that it was possible and necessary to re-envision the conversation around faith in our community.

You, who believed that we could create a space for people to belong before they believed.

This year is because of you. And we want to thank you for joining us on the journey. We have big plans for 2019, and – y’all – God is on the MOVE!

We’d love to ask you to continue to partner with Uncommon [good] as we take this next year by storm!

As we all enter this season of giving – give to what God is doing through Uncommon [good]. Literally every donation makes a huge impact towards helping us accomplish the vision that God has called us ALL to!

But we have goal… Cause next week is Giving Tuesday which is a huge fundraising day for non-profits. And we think our Uncommon [community] can make a huge impact on bridging the gap between church and culture. So what’s the goal? Drumroll please…

Let’s raise $10,000 by Giving Tuesday!

That’s 100 people giving $100, or 200 people giving $50.
Yeah, we can do maths!

Will you help us reach our goal? 😁 🙏 👇


If you need another nudge, check out this little video we made at one of our favorite spots. In it, we reflect on the year and look forward to the next…


Oh, and be sure to save the date for what’s next…

Uncommon Christmas

Sunday, December 2nd, 4 PM
Maderas Golf Club

Adults: $25  //  Kids: $10

Cost covers delicious food and all the Christmas fun!

Christmas is the time when we celebrate a miracle. But it’s also the time we enjoy fun traditions that have nothing to do with said miracle. And guess what… that’s okay!

At Uncommon Christmas, we’ll celebrate the miracle of Jesus and have all the Christmas fun (including Santa) at one time. In one place.

And we have a special musical guest joining us!! You won’t want to miss it.

See you there!

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You are loved
You are valued
You belong





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