Weekly Update 2-16-2018

We see great pain today…

and here is life.

At the same moment we celebrate love, evil is right there with us. And when we encounter evil, it shatters our sense of security and comfort in an instant.

We are shaken, afraid, angry, and we lift our eyes to God for answers and help.

We had some other words to share today, but we dropped them because our hearts and prayers go out to all of those families, students, and faculty in Florida. So we offer this prayer…

Dear God…
May your presence draw near and comfort those that are crushed, hurt, afraid, and angry.

May you surround those families with loving arms — with a community that can grieve alongside them and cry out for a brighter future.

May your Spirit guide humanity towards wisdom that brings about a better world — one of safety, liberty, and mental health — one of protection, freedom and hope for the next generation. Give us your eyes for justice, love, and life, Lord.

May your will be done on earth as it is heaven.


An Invitation To Hope

As you pray this week and hold on even tighter to those you love,
we invite you to a night of hope and love — celebrating life and community.

This will be a night of music, inspiring words, food, and drink for the whole family. We want to share a taste of this community that God is bringing together!

And we’re calling it…

A Taste of Uncommon [Community]
Saturday, March 3rd, 5PM
Old Poway Park



We raised over $500 last week to make this event happen. Thanks to everyone who contributed. We are so grateful to have you with us on the adventure of uncommon [good]. See you March 3rd!

You are loved and valued.
God Bless our uncommon [community]

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