At Uncommon [good] we have a dream to create a [space] that is a community hub. A place to connect with others, attend events, or simply be. There’s inspiring talks, conversations, and live music. It’s a catalyst for good in the community. Bringing tangible expressions of love and service. A place that anyone can walk into and feel the Uncommon [good].

We want to create a [space] for people to realize their need for connection with God and one another in community.

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We believe the best moments of life happen together. So we host community parties, speaking events, home gatherings, and music nights all designed to create [space] for people to experience [good] food, [good] conversation, and Uncommonly [good] community. It’s the goodness we were created for! Questions? Reach out to us at hello@uncommongoodsd.com


SUNDAY, MARCH 15, 6:30 PM, Mainstream Bar & Grill, FREE

We all work, right?

But… Do welive to work?

Or do we just work to live?

What about finding life in our work?Perhaps your work is even spiritual — no matter what you do. That’ll be our conversation for the night and we are so excited to hear what you have to say!

[GOOD] NIGHT is free to attend! That’s right, FREE! But of course there’s great food and drinks available for purchase at Mainstream as we enjoy the night together. We’re grateful for them hosting us, so eat and drink up!

Call up the sitter for the little ones so you can enjoy the conversation and community with awesome peeople.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to hello@uncommongoodsd.com


Every other Monday starting February 10th, 3:30 PM, Valle Verde Park.
Always Fun. Always Free. Always GOOD!

[good] life is a program for elementary aged kids where we take some time to have fun at a park and wrap it up with a short discussion about about things like being bold, having character, and what it means to live a good life…

It’s a great time!

For more info contact ryan@uncommongoodsd.com

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