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Uncommon [good] exists to create [space] for people to connect with God and one another in community.

Our hope is for people to know they belong and to connect them with the God who loves them beyond measure! We do this by setting tables of community for people who may have none. BUT we also love to extend the blessings of community to those who have tangible needs. So, even if you already give (THANK YOU) we’d be stoked if you joined this awesome-sauce day of generosity to impact our community.

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Uncommon [good] has adopted two local families in need through Friends and Family Community Connection. Our hope is to bless the socks off these families this Christmas. We would be ecstatic if you could financially support this awesomeness. We will also have a giving tree with donation ornaments for the families at Uncommon Christmas.

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We asked our friends what Uncommon [good] has meant to them.
Their stories are our heartbeat…




The Spectrum of Goodness 🌈

When there’s so much good to give to…
– Ryan James Ross

Kids know stuff — and sometimes their clarity is profound.

We sat with some elementary aged kids in a park last week at [Good]life (our Uncommon youth ministry) and asked them some questions.

After hearing some stories about their October Halloween costumes, what they did with their families, and how much candy they all got, we then asked what they thought November was all about…

“November is about being thankful and giving thanks.”

“November is about giving to others too, like groceries…”

“…because after Thanksgiving we get presents!

It was such a funny moment leading to a conversation about gratitude!

It was clarity about our season from a kids perspective:
Thanksgiving can merely be a polite onramp to Christmas consumer time.

First we give thanks, then we eat (a lot), and next we rest up for shopping on Black Friday. Somewhere in there, your family has figure out when they’re going to decorate for Christmas since all the stores jumped straight to it on November 1!

Being grateful for all the good in our lives can so easily get squished by meal preparation, Holiday to-do lists, Christmas shopping, and of course your day-job doesn’t slow down for any of it.

History moment here —
Something happened just seven years ago that deeply impacts your November (and the amount of phone calls and non-profit mail you get stuffed in your inbox and mailbox).

On a cold winter day in New York,Giving Tuesdaywas started in 2012 as a response to commercialization and consumerism in the post-Thanksgiving season (Black Friday and Cyber Monday). It is always on the Tuesday that follows Thanksgiving.

In the great annual storm of buying a lot of stuff, a simple idea was put forth about a day of goodness to partner with the heart of Thanksgiving: Giving Tuesday is a day that encourages people to do good and give to good.Over the past seven years, it has grown into a global movement that inspires hundreds of millions of people to give, to go out and do good things, and to celebrate generosity.

And, it’s a HUGE day for non-profits, churches, and charities to remind you that you can give to them and support all the good that they do in the world. This gets you a load of emails about giving (we recognize the irony ; ), and it makes it really hard to hear actual news on KPBS because of the giving campaigns.

All the noise about giving right now can be overwhelming and guilt inducing.  We are asked to give at every cash register and even at the doors to our grocery stores. And, with so many good options, here is the hard question for so many of us, “What do I actually give to?”  and “Does it make a difference?”

Each charity wants to be the one, but here’s what we want to remind you of:
It’s not about choosing one good thingto give to, but mindfully choosing what good you do give to. There are probably several non-profits and causes in your life that really connect with you and that you see great value in — call that your Spectrum of Goodness: It may be severalgreat groups you give to that are really impacting your community and changing the world for the better.

Rather than get paralyzed by the noiseof Giving Tuesday and all the requests for your generosity at the end of the year, here are a few questions that can help aim your generosity and help you feel really good about how you support awesome organizations in this world.

  1. Does their purpose spark your heart? —  When you hear about what they do and why they do it, does your heart resonate and ‘come to life’? When you hear about their cause, does it feel like your soul says, “oooh… that’s really valuable and good!!!” If your heart and soul get sparked by that organization and their mission… then give to that color because it’s on your spectrum!  Does something break your heart in this world and you see some non-profit doing something about that? Then give to that, because it sparks your heart.
  2. Do they personally impact me and/or my loved ones? —  There is so much good in the world, but you can only give to so much, so give to what personally impacts you because that is part of your unique story in the world. If your loved one has been impacted by a medical condition, give to that research. If you have been blessed by a community organization and what they do for you, give to them. If you are connected daily or weekly with a non-profit that benefits your community, give to them. Give to what you actually see and feel impact from, because that color is on your spectrum.
  3. Can I actually DO good WITH them?— More than just sending a a check, can you actually “in the flesh” be a part of what that organization does? If you can physically sit with them, pack food for the hungry with them, heal the sick with them, do good things in the community with them… then give to and get involved with thatorganization, because you are actually a beautiful color in theirspectrum!

Here’s the deal— Generosity is really spiritual… it’s a soul thing.

I deeply believe that God guides our hearts, minds, and souls with what good things we can give to in this world. Our job is to listen, and then give and get involved. As you give to non-profits, churches, ministries, charities, and causes in this world, you enhance their beauty and impact of their color! That is your personal Spectrum of Goodness, and it’s unique and beautiful. The person next to you has a different spectrum, and it’s beautiful too… and thank God that you’re colors are different… because we all can’t give to everything. In fact, when we give a tiny bit to everything, we can actually have very little impact — It’s better to aim well at our Spectrum.

Here’s a cool challenge:In addition to your personal spectrum, maybe your family could have a spectrum of goodness that you all determine to give to together— like a family mission statement that clarifies what good things you support in your community and in your lives. That’d be awesome, and it could help your children develop hearts of compassion and minds that see intentional goodness and generosity… and they get to see exactly what good things they contribute to in the world!

Perhaps Uncommon [good] is part of your spectrum of goodness – we’d love if you took a few minutes to watch this video and consider helping us keep the good going

If you’d like to help create more stories like this, please consider giving online. Or check out the other ways to give on our giving page

GIVE to the GOOD

Life is Hard, But…

Cody James Vermillion

Yep. Life is hard sometimes.
Can I get an amen?

I am sure most of you reading this have gone through some hard things in life. It’s kind of the human experience, right? We come into this life screaming. Every minor discomfort is a painful reminder that we are no longer in the warmth and tranquility of the womb.

As we get older, we find that some things are harder than others. Some experiences are more painful. Some tasks are more challenging. And worse, we see others having an easy go at the things that give us the most trouble (spoiler alert: it’s hard for them too). Which seems to make things feel even harder. Thankfully, that’s not always the case. But in a culture that celebrates the “hustle”, it sure seems like we spend a lot of our lives struggling to keep up.

I personally feel that lately. Everything from getting the kids to school on time to sending that lingering email reply feels like a slog. What’s weirder though… even the good things (and there’s tons of good things) feel like a lot of work for some reason. In the words of Coldplay “nobody said it would be easy…” So yeah… life is hard sometimes.


There’s one thing that is easy. One thing that is light. One thing that isn’t a burden or a weight on our shoulders. In Matthew 11:28-30, Jesus says…

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

Rest. For. Your. Souls… Doesn’t that sound nice?

At Uncommon [good], we talk a lot about the Good News of Jesus not being particularly good if it has no impact on our lives here and now. These words from Jesus are a reminder that this life doesn’t have to be a burden or a weight on our shoulders. That there’s someone who carries it for us. That there’s rest for the weary and grace for the burdened. A grace that requires nothing of you. Now, that’s good news…

So I think it’s time we all accept the grace Jesus offers. Really embrace it. Claim it as your own. Because it is the gift that He gives us… A life that isn’t plagued by guilt, shame, or feelings of inadequacy. No, Jesus doesn’t come with a list of to do’s. He doesn’t offer a life of striving for perfection. He offers a life of resting with Him.

Don’t get me wrong, He doesn’t promise that life will be easy. This isn’t about deluding ourselves into thinking that everything is puppies and rainbows. We are grown ups, after all. There will still be challenges to face and work to be done. Accepting grace doesn’t mean you stop trying. It simply gives you the freedom to stop feeling like you don’t measure up. Grace gives us a reprieve from the weight and expectations of perfection. So that even when things are hard, we can rest with Him knowing that we are just as loved, just as valued, and that no matter what, we always belong at His table.

Sacred vs Secular

– Dawn Neldon and Cody Vermillion

If you’ve been following on this Uncommon journey for any amount of time you know that we are in the business of reframing and reclaiming truths about life, faith, and being human. Because we are certain that there are things that we, as a culture, have believed and are believing that need to be tweaked (and some that just plain need to be thrown out).

This month we want to tackle the false dichotomy that exists in our culture between the sacred and the secular. See, we tend to give in to the belief that there are places, spaces, times, things, and people that fall into the category of “sacred.” Those might be things like church and….church…and church music….and things and people that operate in church. And in general all things church.

But the problem with this belief is that we neatly package God into the box of religious activity that happens in churches and remove Him (in our minds) from all sorts of places where God is fully present. Because God is in churches AND in businesses, doctors offices and grocery stores. He is in worship music and pop radio. He is in missionary work and the 9-5 workplace.

God is over all and through all and in all. He created everything and holds it together. Granted, we as humans have a tendency to inject our own brokenness into the good He has created. But if you really pay attention, you can find God in the ordinary things of life. From the birds chirping before your alarm, to the cup of coffee that gets your day started, to the face of the barista who made it.

Church isn’t the only place to find God. In fact, you are made in the image of God. So He is with you always. You don’t have to be at church, you don’t have to be a pastor, or missionary, or Sunday school volunteer to experience something sacred. Those things are all great! But you can live in to the sacred calling God has given you in your every day experiences.

This weekend, try looking for the ways in which God is present in the every day things of life. And on Monday, as you head to work – or as you get the kids ready for whatever you’re doing to stay sane while they’re not in school – try to find the sacred moments. The times when God shows up in the ordinary.

Then join us on July 7th to talk more about it…






How To Have A Great Summer

– Ryan James Ross

I love sitting at tables with people I admire and just asking them about living a good life. I really love getting to do this with good food too. So…
Partner Margie and Ken Blanchard up with some breakfast soufflé and parfaits, and we get one awesome morning!

Many of the best Blanchard family stories and memories (and books) have come from summer adventures. So before they took off on their next trip, we asked them “what is the key to a great summer that is remembered forever?” And here’s what they shared…

Invest in creating experiences.

More important than buying stuff, or even just getting stuck in an summer rut, use your energy and resources to give your kids and friends a memorable experience. Experiences are the source of life’s stories and lasting memories, not stuff. Go try to build a raft that may or may not float. Get out there and gather up the people to ride bikes, go on a hike, take a road trip, or eat a burrito on a lifeguard tower at sunset. It takes energy, but it’s worth it. 

Create rituals.

Margie and Ken weren’t suggesting religious tradition here, but they were challenging all of us to create some unique things you do with your kids and friends that you can repeat monthly or annually. Make a unique food around a campfire. Go see fireworks from a boat. Walk to the store and back in crazy hats. Do that “burrito in a lifeguard tower” thing above… but do it a few times! When we have unique and creative rituals/traditions that we repeat a few times, those often become the best times. These rituals become the best moments with friends too. I’ve heard it said that even if you do a unique family ritual just three times with your kids, they’ll remember that “we did it all the time” when they’re adults! It takes effort to create a cool ritual, but it’s worth everything you put into it.

One cool ritual that the Blanchards have created is a “Breakfast with the Ancestors”. Every summer they get the whole family together and throw a potluck party in a cemetery. [Yes, we reacted to that too!] Weird as that sounds, they gather together and share stories of their ancestors and all the people that have shaped the family. They even share about the pets that they loved and lost, and all the fun stories about them. The first time they did this, not everyone thought it was a good idea… but now, years later, everyone loves and looks forward to this very unique Blanchard ritual.

Ask this question regularly: “What makes our family unique?”

When you’re together at a meal or one of these experiences you create, ask yourselves what makes your family (or your group of friends) unique… special… different. This question brings out appreciation and builds up identity. You may even come up with some cool family values and traits that you could creatively put up in your living room to further build the unique identity of your tribe.

So, here is our hope for you this summer…
Go invest your time and energy in creating unique experiences with your loved ones. Make up a new ritual that you can repeat — it will become a life long memory. Always ask what is special about your family and friends… it will form the beauty and appreciation of your little tribe of goodness.

May your summer be full of life, love, and enjoying the people that God has placed around you!

And if you want some ideas for great experiences, check out the Uncommon summer haps…






Words on Wine & Words

– Ryan Ross

We couldn’t have had a more beautiful night to talk about hard things.

God gave us the perfect break in the rain to talk about how we reason through the concept of a good God in light of evil and suffering in the world (not to mention pain in our own lives too). It was such a gift to have Jared Herd from Church at Rancho Bernardo join us in this conversation. He brought us his heart, his wisdom, and his laughter!

All together – with good wine and food – we shared about seasons of pain and reasons for hope. We shared, we cried some, and we laughed a lot. We are so happy to create these spaces in our community to have real and powerful conversations. Conversations about doing life together all while walking with a God who loves us and gives us freedom to choose our next steps in life.

Thanks for joining us! You can check out photos from this event on our Facebook Page. And be sure not to miss our next Commune event on June 2nd.

Also, check out our podcast with Rabbi Mendy to continue the conversation on dealing with darkness in the world… and being the ones that get to usher in the light.

God bless!

Uncommon [Cast]

In the midst of tragedy and darkness, the light shines brighter than ever…

We are so glad we got the opportunity to sit down again with Rabbi Mendy from the Chabad of Poway for part two of an incredible conversation! (let’s be honest, it was a part one do over…) Rabbi Mendy’s wisdom, perspective, and humility is such a privilege to experience! We’re so excited to share this episode and the message that God has for all people!!!

You can find us on Apple Podcasts and Spotify by searching Uncommon [cast]. Or click the link below to visit our podcast site.



Sunday, June 2nd, 4 PM, Rancho Guejito Vineyard, FREE

What if communion looked more like a meal at a table where all are included? What if something as normal as eating together could be something… sacred?

You are invited to rediscover what communion is all about at the beautiful Rancho Guejito Vineyard.

We will provide some wine and bread. There will also be food tickets from the amazing Smoking’ J’s BBQ as well as drinks available to purchase. Kids are welcome! We’ll have a bounce house and fun activities available. Plus there’s plenty of room for them to run amuck.

We can’t wait to see you there!

RSVP to Commune

Join the 100…

100 for 100 is moving along nicely! We are getting close to one of our smaller benchmarks of 20 monthly gifts of $100.

So exciting!!!

This campaign is all about keeping the [good] going. We are hoping to get 100 people to give $100 a month to help make the work of Uncommon [good] sustainable for the future.

If you are one of the amazing people giving to the [goodness]…


If not, and you have found yourself blessed in any way by Uncommon [good], we want to invite you to join 100 for $100. If you’d like to know more, please click the button below and join the 100.


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100 for 100 will help us invite people into conversations where we reclaim truths about faith, life, and being human.

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When Bad Things Happen

One thing has been on my mind for the past few weeks – what do we do with faith when bad things happen?

I mean rewind it all back! Rewind back to before the diagnosis came in, before the relationship fell apart, before the company went under, before the tragedy struck – what did your faith (by the way both belief and unbelief in a higher power are forms of faith) have to say about tragedy?

In our normal, smooth-ish sailing, mostly-unruffled life – many of us don’t consider our faith too deeply. We believe platitudes like “everything happens for a reason” or  “God has a plan” or “God doesn’t give you more than you can bear,” without thinking about what those phrases actually mean in the face of real tragedy. 

But once the boat (and your life) has been rocked a bit, suddenly the platitudes don’t hold up.

We start wondering:  
How can God be good if terrible things happen?
How can God have a plan that allows for such tragedy? 
If there is such a God, why would I want to be a part of his plan or be in relationship with Him? 
If there is no God, why is hope possible in the face of hopelessness?

All of these are excellent questions. Questions that we shouldn’t be afraid of. Questions that we shouldn’t push away. Because if we don’t have a faith that makes sense in tragedy… we probably don’t have much of a faith to speak of. 

That’s why this Sunday, at Wine and Words we are going to dive head first into these hard questions. Nothing is off the table. Let’s lean in together and wrestle with this question:

“What do we do with faith when bad things happen?”


Sunday, May 19th, 6:30 PM, Espinosa Vineyards, $25

We are. SO. EXCITED. for this Wine & Words! Not only do we have Pastor Jared Herd from The Church at Rancho Bernardo joining us… but we’ll also return to our friends at Espinosa Vineyards!

Have you ever wondered where God is during the hard times of life? How do we navigate that? Pastor Jared and the Uncommon [team] will lead a conversation around this very topic.

There will be wine. There will be words. $25 gets you said wine and even some delish charcuterie.

So call up the baby sitter and get ready for another great conversation about faith, life, and being human… while drinking amazing wine. [responsibly, of course!]

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100 for 100 – PROGRESS!

100 for 100 is moving along nicely! Since we launched last week, we have already had 13 monthly gifts of $100 committed to Uncommon [good]. That’s pretty awesome!

We’re so excited!!

This campaign is all about keeping the [good] going. We are hoping to get 100 people to give $100 a month to help make the work of Uncommon [good] sustainable for the future.

If you are one of the amazing people giving to the [goodness]…


If not, and you have found yourself blessed in any way by Uncommon [good], we want to invite you to join 100 for $100. If you’d like to know more, please click the button below and join the 100.

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100 for 100 will help us invite people into conversations where we reclaim truths about faith, life, and being human.

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After Easter

Are you recovered from the Easter/Spring Break coma? Have your kids come down from the sugar high? How many plastic eggs did you throw away? Don’t tell our kids, but Jen and I miiiiiight have eaten a bunch of their candy. Ya know… cause we want them to say healthy… 😉

Seriously though, we love Easter. 
Not just in the Vermillion house, but also on the Uncommon [team]. Easter represents the moment when History changed. What seemed like an end, was only a beginning. Jesus’ followers thought it was all over. Then He came back! And because of that miracle, Easter is the single most significant event in all of History. It was the clearest expression of the work that God has always been up to: bringing life out of what was thought to be dead. A beginning out of what seemed like a pretty clear end. But it’s what happened after Easter that makes it truly great. That’s when the movement started. That’s when Jesus’ followers went about the work of sharing the Good News of a God who loves people. The work of building a community that was a taste of the Kingdom of God. A hope of experiencing life to the full in THIS life andthe next… So yeah… we love Easter.

And our love for it was solidified all the more after our Easter event. If you came, thank you! If you didn’t, that’s okay! Because we plan to have a lot more events like that in the future. Like Jesus’ early followers, we are energized and excited to keep going! Because after a year and a half of creating community, the thing that has never gotten old is hearing people say things like:

“We brought friends who don’t really connect with ‘church’ and they said they would definitely be a part of this.”


“I’ve never been big on the religious holidays. But now Easter is my favorite holiday because of what you talked about… Life coming from death… beauty coming from brokenness… beginnings from endings.” 

That’s the [good] we are going for! 
People finding new perspectives and a place to belong in the Uncommon [community]. It’s so exciting that we (and that includes YOU) get to be a part of bringing people the Good News of a God who loves them and designed them for community. People who may have otherwise had no experience with faith. People who may have thought that the Church had nothing to offer them. We want to keep THAT [good] going…

That’s why we are starting something exciting in May. It’s called… 

100 FOR 100

This campaign is all about keeping the [good] going. We are hoping to get 100 people to give $100 a month to help make the work of Uncommon [good] sustainable for the future.

As we mentioned above, events like Uncommon [Easter] have provided a place for people who would never set foot in a church to hear the good news of a God who loves them. We’re able to do this because everything we do is intentionally open, inviting, and meets people in real life… At wineries, restaurants, parks, and even homes… providing, fun, party, life, belonging, and real conversations about faith.

We try to make these gatherings free, or as cheap as possible for those who attend. And meeting in these public spaces – doing what we’re doing – is only possible because of the generosity of the people who make up this Uncommon [community]. Maybe you’re already one of the amazing people giving to the [goodness]. If so, THANK YOU. 

If not, and you have found yourself blessed in any way by Uncommon [good], we want to invite you to join 100 for $100. So, if anything we said above sparked you and you’d like to know more, please click the button below to learn more and become one of the 100.



Returns to Espinosa!

Sunday, May 19th, 6:30PM, $25

We are. SO. EXCITED. To return to Espinosa Winery for conversations about faith, life, and being human… while drinking amazing wine. Now that the outdoor life of San Diego seems to be returning, it seems like the perfect time to revisit our friends who have become family. There will be wine. There will be words. $25 gets you said wine and even some delish charcuterie.





We Just Got [inspired]! 🙌

Our team just got back from the Catalyst West conference on Friday and we left super inspired to charge on with the [goodness] we are all creating. If you don’t know, Catalyst is a conference for leaders who love the local church. They have great speakers, activities, music, and resources for people who are serving in leadership (paid or volunteer). In the past it has inspired us to move towards what we would eventually do with Uncommon [good]. This year was a huge affirmation of our vision to create community for people in a unique way.

On top of that, we loved the theme for this year: Fully Alive. Drawing from the words of Jesus who said He came so that we may “have life and have it to the full,” Catalyst took this theme to a really cool place. Many of the speakers talked about self-care and mental/emotional health. The importance of which is huge if you ever hope to lead others well. And we all lead someone at some point, right? Even if it’s just ourselves. So we want to share with you some of the most impactful nuggets from the conference. Read each of these through the lens of leading and caring for yourself or others…

“People who lack self knowledge react to life rather than respond to it.”
– Ian Morgan Cron

“We become better leaders by becoming better human beings.”
– Miles Adcox

“If you want to experience a better life with Jesus you must adopt the lifestyle of Jesus.”
– John Mark Comer

“You’ve got to lose what you know about yourself in the past to figure out what God knows in the future.”
– Sarah Jakes Roberts

“We find God’s will for our lives in our limitations”
– Pete Scazerro

“When you spend your day looking at others, you lose your purpose”
– Jamie Ivey

“There is a gap between the promise God has given you and the process it’s going to take to get there. You have to go through the process to make it to the promise”
– Bianca Olthoff

“God chose you for where you are. Serve where you are!”
– Jamie Ivey

“We are kept from our goals, not by obstacles, but by a clearer path to lesser goals.”
– Ben Hardy

In regards to that process of living into what God made you to do: 

“The more it takes out of you, the more it will make out of you”
– Bianca Olthoff

“The best thing you bring to leadership is your own transforming self”
– Ruth Haley Barton

We hope all of that was encouraging to you. It sure was for us! Now, keep going to see what you’re invited to next…

Uncommon Party at Chicken Charlie’s

Tuesday, April 9th, 5PM, Chicken Charlie’s in Rancho Bernardo

We love creating community for the sake of community. We call it the Sacrament of Party. This time, we’re taking over Chicken Charlie’s and we’d love to see you there.

RSVP to Party

For more info, contact us at

Save the Dates

Uncommon [easter]
Saturday, April 20th

We are having a Pre-Easter shindig for the whole family.
Stay tuned for more info!

Seal’s Faith and Family Night
Saturday, April 27th, 7PM
We’re joining up with the Seal’s Faith and Family Night for fun, community, and life. Your $20 ticket gets you fun and games on the Seal’s turf, pre-game pizza party, a message about faith from two of the players, and of course the game. Click the link below, scroll down the Seal’s page, and select “Uncommon Good” to get your tickets.

RSVP to Seal’s Faith and Family Night

For more info on upcoming events check out




New Family

– Ryan Ross

We’ve been having such a good time at our Common [table] Pop Ups!

At our first one, what we thought would be about 12, soon became a party of 20 with so much great food and desserts that we could’ve fed an army. Great community is like that… you can’t just cap things off at small numbers sometimes. People are on your heart, and you just have to invite them to the table!

While the kids ran amuck and were literally swinging from trees (until Ryan’s great weight broke the rope ;)… we all talked around one question for the night: 

“What in your life right now brings you the most joy?”

The conversation was fun, rich, and eye opening. We learned so much about one another. The overall report from dinner was that it all just felt like one big loving family.

I love that – we created [new family] – and that’s the business of Jesus.

There were a lot of boundaries to blessing and inclusion in the days of Jesus. Blood lines were strong and distinct, and many believed that God’s presence and blessing were only for the right family trees with just the right heritage.

Jesus messed that up. He seemed to live with a blind eye to bloodlines and boundaries. Jesus stretched family beyond it’s natural state because he had a new social order in mind that transcended the idea that family only loves their own [and that God only loved certain families]. He turned unrelated groups of strangers into family. He said all are valuable and welcome to be a part of God’s family. Jesus included the least and the greatest all in one family. And it was through this [new family of faith] that God’s kingdom broke into the world.

Our dream is to keep doing this. To keep making space to expand the family and welcome everyone in. Everyone, no matter where they are with faith, can take part in great discussions about what brings joy in life while they enjoy food, drink, and the crazy sounds of children together. Let’s keep doing this, and thank you for being a part of our Uncommon [family].

Keep reading for more opportunities to be a part of great gatherings!

March and [tables]

March is all about connecting in community! And we believe God made us for this! In addition to our “Created to Commune” event on March 24th, we are excited to tell you about some mini “pop-up” events – including guy/gal gatherings – happening in March that are aimed at helping us all connect and continue to build this Uncommon [community].

Common Table Pop-Ups
These events are super simple: Gatherings at homes or other cool places focused on being with one another. Some will be family nights, some guy’s nights, some gal’s nights. Keep an eye on social media (be sure to follow us) to see when these pop ups with be. The first 12 (ish) people to RSVP in the comments will get a spot.

Coffee Hangs
Monday & Wednesday Mornings, 10 – 11AM
Ryan, Pam, Dawn, and Cody will be meeting at various coffee shops in the Poway/RB area on Monday and Wednesday mornings. Come hang with us! Laugh with us. Ask us questions. Get excited about uncommon [goodness]! Keep an eye on social media for where we will be those days.

And that leads us to…

Created to [commune]…

Sunday, March 24th, Bernardo Winery, FREE

It’s time to rediscover the meaning of communion all together. No matter your past experience, communion was always meant to be a table where all are included.

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Uncommon [cast]

As we work to find a regular space, our Podcast offers a consistent venue to engage with conversations about life, faith, and being human.

Find it on Apple, Google Play, Spotify… by searching “uncommon cast”. 

Listen to Uncommon Cast

You are loved

You are valued

You belong